Racehorse Shares for Sale

Race horse shares for sale

Full-blooded syndication offers you the fantastic opportunity to purchase your own share of a racehorse for just one "giant". I want you to pick a stock in a joint stock company today. It' easy to buy a stock from us: You can use the filter on this page to limit your searching, and then click on a horses to view its history, see the family tree page, the Racing Post page links, pictures, video and their rental or full stock bid. When you find your perfect stockpile, click BUY and we will get in touch with you to complete your stock buy.

Please use the enquiry sheet if you need further information - we will be glad to help you!

Horseracing | Race Horse Ownership Possibilities

Gary Portelli, who participates in every sale in Australia, has a great proven track record in choosing excellent youngsters to become extraordinary race horses. If you would like to get your hands on race horses with one of the Group 1's top race horse trainers, or if you would like more information about purchasing a race horse, please do not hesistate to call Gary at 0417 407 531.

Below is a list of all available ways to own a racehorse with Portelli Racing.

Racing enthusiasts can buy shares of top whole bloods with a new application.

Experiential Squared has your way in if you are a horserace aficionado. Claremont Company's new application allows consumers to buy shares of top thoroughbred stock for just $100. MyRacehorse, the on-line trading system, provides equity-based equities that enable investor to compete for profits, accolades and returns. In addition, the owner receives information about their own thoroughbred as well as invites to pure owner meetings, trips to see their own thoroughbred stallions and races along the course.

It is certainly not inexpensive to do any business with the education and motor sport of equines. According to The Jockey Club, a professional equestrian sports organisation, the sales value of a two-year-old purebred stallion averages US$89,392. This is 44.5 per cent more than ten years ago, and Behrens said that the education of a high-quality bloodstock can cost 40,000 to 50,000 dollars per year.

However, the Rancho Cucamonga pair recently purchased more than $250 in shares in a full-blooded man called Swiss Minister who raced in Santa Anita Park in Arcadia. TVG Network and CEO of Battle Born Racing Stable, Nick Hines, an on-air figure of the TVG Network, Switzerland's leading equestrian team, today announced that he has signed a sale of 10 per cent of the Swiss minister's shares to MyRacehorse.

He said the application will open the doors for a variety of race enthusiasts - both hard-core and occasional. The MyRacehorse is already rapidly leaving the goal. From June 9 to 10, the 100-to-1 Club in Santa Anita Park will host a launching event where developers can gather, commemorate their new owners and take a look at the route and its area.

MyRacehorse is a corporation founded for each individual equine animal, and any California-based person over the age of 18 can buy stock. Dividend payments are made to stockholders when a stable equine business is viable in terms of acquisition costs, education, subsistence and other charges associated with running the business. Users can go to MyRacehorse.com or Apple or Google Apple Retail outlets and use their smartphones to buy stock and search the horses.

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