Racing Quarter Horse Colts for Sale

Horse Colts Racing Quarter for sale

Are you looking for RACING QUARTER HORSES or BARREL PROSPECTS TO BUY? A bright future for this colt in the racing world. span > > > span > > span > > > > > strong >"> / strong > > > / span > > / span > > > PROVEN AUSHA ROUNNING QUARTER HORSES". span > span > span > span > span > span > span > strong > strong > > strong > > span > span > span > span > editor logo > > span > class > br > br > br > > span

The broodmares are subsidiaries of studs who still lead the way in the racing world. We' ve been driving Quarter-Pferde since 1998 and have been gifted with some very good ponies over the years. There were a great many teardrops when we dropped our first filly.

In the past we have been stallions, but we have chosen to focus on the "mare power" that balances body, pace, courage and personality on the course and on the willow. Broodmares and colts are living on large enclosures and meadows with water and lush vegetation.

Quararter Horse For Sale - Foal for sale

Our weaners' prices include breeding license documents & autographed transfers, a recent EIA test (Coggins), a CASIC medical examination & official medical documents issued by a licenced vet, a stallion wallding, a holster and a transportation line. If you choose your filly, we will mail you a sales agreement.

You must complete the sales agreement and return it to us together with a 50% down payment of the sales value (or any other amount that has been agreed). PayPal, cheques or payment instructions for depositing funds are accepted. Cheques or payment instructions should be sent by FedEx, UPS or USPS prioritized email with delivery receipt for shipment tracing.

The horse will not be considered "reserved" until we have obtained the down payment or evidence that the down payment has been sent. WE GUARANTY A HALMY FILLY AT THE MOMENT OF WEANING. WHERE DEEP PROFESSIONAL REVIEWS ARE AVAILABLE AHEAD OF SHIPMENT. In the event that the filly becomes ill or hurt, or if we are not happy with the condition, size or evolution of a colt, we will withdraw from the agreement at the moment of shipment and return 100% of the down payment to the purchaser.

WHEN THE CUSTOMER SIMPLY CHANGES HIS OPINION AND NO LONGER WISHES TO BUY HIS HORSE, NO REIMBURSEMENT OF THE SECURITY IS POSSIBLE. Fillies can be weaned between the ages of 3-5 month. BEFORE WE WE DECLARE THE FULL AMOUNT, BEFORE THE COLT IS GIVEN UP OR SHIPPED. Failure to pay in full before reaching the weaning period (5 months) will result in forfeiture of earlier premiums and the colt will be put back on the sale.

PayPal, currency or funds orders are accepted for the definitive purchase of your colt. Cheques are accepted if they are sent more than 2 week before the filly is born. Fillies are dewormed, holsters are broken and can be loaded onto the trailers when delivered. The buyer is himself in charge of the dispatch of his fillies.

While we have a few very repuutable loaders and can help prepare deliveries for long-haul purchasers, shipment is at the purchaser's cost unless other precautions have been taken. It is not our responsibility for illness, injuries or fatalities of a fully compensated colt.

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