Racing Quarter Horses for Sale in Louisiana

Horses for sale in Louisiana

Jess Louisiana Blue's daughter. (The sale can be made subject to the condition that she drives first). Nice black and white horse for sale. Explore barrel racing horses sold in Louisiana on America's largest horse market.

Barels Racing Horses for sale in Louisiana

A 15-year-old QH-Ggelding, he' she is! They' re as bombproof as they are! He knows all the playful things... 8-year-old gelding. Oh. Excellent trailer saddle horses, no bucks, kicks, bites or haunts. The 2002 LM Skiip Watcher is a 15 year old 2002 stallion. He is an incredible stallion, reacts well to the legs....

Ángel was a family pony and was bomb-proof, but somehow she hurt her right forefoot.... Ángel was a family pony and was bomb-proof, but somehow she hurt her right forefoot.... Cute Beginner Rider~Great 1. Rideahorse! That is Zandy AKA Yellow Roan Wolf, he is a 2001 AQHA Pallomino Grand Prix.

These geldings are a really awesome fringe! Skies name The limit to see more of this steed and others go to the WWW.

Stallion auction Louisiana Quarter Horse Breeders Association

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Autumn Louisiana Joint Sale

On Saturday 18 November, the Louisiana Quarter Horse Breeders Association (LQHBA) will present its 2017 Autumn 2010 mixed sale. Campaign starts at 10:00 a.m. at the Equine Sales of Louisiana, LLC Sales Gallery in Opelousas, Louisiana. It is the 4th year the Opelousas show is taking place, just a few moments from Evangeline Downs, where the 46-days Quarter Horse racing year takes place.

This catalogue contains 185 pieces and offers a large choice of weaners, juveniles, brood mares and horses of racing years. The sale has been offering mail-order companies the possibility since 1986 to conclude their year with an increase in turnover and purchasers a further possibility to buy a brood mare, a weaned, a youngster or a race horse in practice.

Shippers often point out that some annuals are not finished in August for various different reason. Riders will appreciate an added three-month timeframe to value some of the latest baby's development for the sales ring. LQHBA Yearling Sale is a three-day activity that takes place every August in Children, Louisiana.

President Lyle Guillory of Lyle Guillory of Lyle Guillory of Lyle Guillory of Lyle Guillory of Lyle Guillory of Lyle Guillory of Lyle Guillory of Lyle Guillory of Lyle Guillory of Lyle Guillory of Lyle Guillory of Lyle Guillory of Lyle Guillory of Lyle Guillory of Lyle Guillory of Lyle Guillory of Lyle Guillory of Lyle Guillory of Lyle Guillory of Lyle Guillory of Lyle Guillory of Lyle Guillory of Mixed Sale of Lyle Guillory of Lyle Guillory of Mixed Sale of Sale of Lyle Guillory of Sale of Lyle Guillory of Sale of Sale of Mixed Sale of Sale of Sale of Sale of Sale of Sale of Sale of Sale of Sale of Sale of Sale. "This extra sale provides a point of sale for those youngsters who are either delayed or hurt and cannot be prepared for our annual sale," Guillory said. "As well as the annuals, we also have a good range of broodmares and puppies available for purchasers who may wish to participate in the Louisiana Breed programme.

Finally, the provision of a high value autumn sales mix in Louisiana, without having to go outside the state, eliminated the costs that go directly into the result of our shippers. "Jumonville points out another powerful sales argument of the case mix sale when it comes to the tendering of broodmares in foals.

More than 59 senders in Louisiana are finally preparing to have their horses sent to Opelousas. Aaron Harvey, Grant Farms, Robicheaux Ranch, Blanchet Farms and Hebert Quarter Horses are among the largest senders and representatives. Descendants of the famous sires Jet Black Patriot, Game Patriot, Heza Fast Dash, Jess Louisiana Blue, Mr Piloto and Tee Cos will be well-represented.

Embrujo Star, a dam of Embruo Fg out of Toast to Dash broodmare Allas Toast, should be one of the most impressing case mixed sale alumna. Foal in April 2012, she drew the attention of rider Trey Ellis at the 2013 Case mixed sale. "She said I saw her selling and I phoned Mr. (Hubert) Vestal and said I wanted to buy her," Ellis said.

This chestnut mare foal, bought for a humble $5,000, has broken her virgin in tests for the Lassie Futurity 2014 at Delta Downs. The growers have pointed out that young sters of high standard are always part of the shipments for the yearly autumn mix sale. Robicheaux, Farmmanager of Robicheaux Ranch, is a member of the LQHBA board of directors and sales director.

Encouraging students to graduate from both levels of distribution, Tony Patterson, LQHBA Managing Partner, states. "At 148 guarantee race dates a year in Louisiana, there's a lot of cash in our country for 2-year-olds and older horses," Patterson said. "As with Embrujo Star, the Mixed Sale case is another occasion for purchasers to make a humble purchase and be repaid in the years to come.

" 2014 saw a relocation to the Equine Sales of Louisiana, LLC sales booth in Opelousas, Louisiana. Members of the Executive Committee of OQHBA made the final move to postpone the race to improve the big race week-end in Evangeline Downs. The tests for the Louisiana Million will be held on Friday, November 17, and the three-year-olds will be the focus of the third edition of the Breeders Derby on Saturday night.

"Patterson said this is a very important week-end for the Louisiana Quarter Horse breeders Association. "Looking forward to a successfull sale and to welcome many breeder, owner and rider for the LQHBA Louisiana Million on Friday and the LQHBA Breeders Derby on Saturday at Evangeline Downs.

" Five Bar Cartel breed will be sold according to number 99, with the money raised for the LQHBA Youth Scholarship Programme. Robicheaux Ranch is the home of the San Gregorio Racing Stable, Inc. bred colt who made an excellent debut with his first harvest.

Louisiana and Oklahoma Yearling was the theme of the first harvest of the Corona cartel's sweetheart. On Point, his boy, was the $182,000 sale highlight at the 2017 LQHBA Yearling Sale in August. The LQHBA fellowship programme has been providing student support for university visits since 2001.

Bobby Touchet was promoted last year and gave a breed to Game Patriot with a $7,000 offer to the benefit of the QHBA Scholarship Fund. Ambassadorial Scholarships were the visions of the deceased Jim Mitchell and Emeritus Executive Director Leverne Perry, and are strongly backed by our company and its directors.

This year, at the Mardi Gras Futurity at Louisiana Downs and Lee Berwick Futurity at Delta Downs, Louisiana student awards took place between rounds. LQHBA Chief Executive Tony Patterson said Evangeline Downs will again award several fellowships to Louisiana college kids on December 16.

"At the LQHBA Yearling Sale in August, we saw the promise of the descendants of the Five Bar Cartels. I am sure that his breed will draw generously for our fellowship programme. The company is still involved in letterhead, awareness and Quarter Horse Racing advertising in Texas, Louisiana and other North American states.

Livestreaming of the Autumn 2017 Mixed Sale will be available on the Louisiana Quarter Horse Breeders Association website:

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