Racing Quarter Horses Mares for Sale

Race horses Quarter Horses mares for sale

An attractive self-bred and sweet Palomino mare horse. The mares are daughters of stallions who still set the direction in the racing industry. Market leader in the Quarter Horse Racing & Barrel Racing industry. Big mares are one of the most important parts of any breeding program.

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  • Indiana breeding certification. - Indiana breeding certification. - Indiana breeding certification. - 2nd Dam is First Regards SI 99, $277,270, World Champion, G1 Stakes Winner. - The full amount was for the Future Fortunes program. - Indiana Breeding & Indiana Sire. - Future assets are permissible. - Indiana Breeding & Indiana Sire.
  • Futurity Trial winner & eleventh fastest qualifier. - Oklahoma breeding certification. - Dam's family tree comprises Runaway Winner, Go Man Go Go, Disco Jerry, Easy Jet. - Fully subscribed to the Future Fortunes program. - Indiana breeding certification. - Fully subscribed to the Future Fortunes program.

Prärie Breeze Quarter Horses brood mares

Our belief is in unreachable strength. Big mares are one of the most important parts of any broodmare programme. The mares have been selected according to pedigree, exterior, quickness, movement and above all according to wise and willing attitude. The mares have the "cow sense" to chase a cask or an ox, and the athletes capacity to compete in the cask or abseil arenas, on the racetrack or on a cross-country trail.

Citing the great rider Federico Tesio (1869-1954): "A stable is running with its lung, insisting with its hearts and winning with its character". Dash For Cash-SI 114 ; The Signature-SI 107 ; The Signature-SI 107 ; Red Hot Rhythm-SI 99 ; Jupe Chasin Alibi-SI 108 ; Royal Three Charge-SI 103 ; Top Moon-SI 100 ; Chicks Beduino-SI 104 ;, Jupe Ta Fame-SI 113 ; Noor Charge SI 92 ; Jet deck SI 100 ; Sugar Bar, AAA ; Bar classe ; Trois barres ; Leo ; ruban page ; champion AQHA

Montana Design, (alias Helen) 2005 Brown filly x Features Tonto x Frosty Features Superior Holder, AA-ROM Race, SI 81, Rooping sps. He gave birth to a spirited Brown/Black Stud Colt by increasing profits on April 19, 2018. Sent to Shana & Ryan Nesbit, MTHelen is OPEN and will be breed to Mr. Sassy Frenchman in 2019.

dashin N Zippin, 2012 exceptional brown fillies x Royal Three Dash and out of our top production broodmare Premium Cachet x Premium Classsy Zip by Noor Charge, SI 92. Cachet is the mother of Profit Power, a Hanley -bred male Sk for Haight Ranch; Promise Mia Profit, a male Barrel for Jessie Ann Chrisman in Big Piney, WY; First Down Profit, a female Dave Sharp -bred Barrel for Alberta; Cashin My Profits, a young male Horse Butte Ranch, Two Dot, MT; Kristi Springâ??s Wallach Profits Starpower and many more.

The Zippin is raised with the profit increase for 2019 foals. Our beautiful darkbrown filly Foxy Cheyanne Page by our hot and muscular chocolate-Palomino horse, AQHA Champion, Ribbon Page x the suede stud, AQHA Champion, Jay Page. The Cheyanne is made of Two Fox Frolick x Two Eyed Fox, AQHA Champion, Superior Halter, Superior Reining, with points in 8 different shows.

He is the father of 90 years, the over 5005+ AQHA Pts. Fox Frolick's mother was the very beautiful Classy Camelot x Classy Bar (Sugar Bars/Leo mare), grandmother was a daugther of Mr. 1989er. Chéyanne gave birth to an exclusive chestnut filly; by winning on 7 May 2018. And we call them Profit's Paige Port.

MN Cheyanne is breeded with Royal Three Dash for 2019 foals and sells to Elana Koch. Ms Easy Fame JC, SI 106, LTE-$ 7,097, 2001 AAAT Sorrel Subsidiary of Dash Ta Fame, SI 113, $290,812 Overall Record & Barrel Racing progeny revenues of over $33. 8+ million. Sire Race Money earner of over 19 million dollars on the course.

Now we are the proud owner of this wonderful and excellent produced Dash Ta Fame girl! with Perks Alive for 2019 foals. Our very nice new Sauerampfer broodmare Pages Decketta by AQHA Champion, Ribbon Page, with 33 AQHA Halter Pints and 29 Pints Perfomance.

He was the beautiful suede champion, AQHA Champion, Jay Page, who had 21 AQHA Halter Pints and 28 Pints. Coveretta is out of Decka Page x Deckabo, male with a SI 102,$ 30,114, blak. Deckka Page's mother was the amazing Cory Page mare from Lila Mae Stewart, Augusta, MT and was riding by her.

Purple was a Montana pro rodeo circuit master. Cory Page had 6 AQHA Halter Pints and 37 AQHA Points in Barrels, Polo and Heeling. It was a filly raised to do everything with quickness, charm and a lot of cows. Coveretta is reared × × with the aim of increasing profit for 2019 foals.

Cachet Pretty, has become one of our top mares. Pretty Classy is a beautiful, very female broodmare by Pretty Classy Schip, who is today a tried and tested sire and grandfather of victorious running horses, rope horses. A AA zipper, Noor Charge, SI 92 (Tiny Charger, SI 100 x Naorella, SI 100), male Noor Charge, SI 92.

After five years on the circuit with his coach, the legend D Wayne Lukas, Noor Charge, SI 92, Superior Race Horse, withdrew completely from Los Alamitos. Cachet' s mother, was our very beautiful broodmares, Miss Nancy Can, Superior Halter, 77 AQHA Halter points. The Cachet is raised with Royal Three Dash for 2019 foals.

Our beautiful brown filly Pine Zip by Classy Zip x Noor Charge, AAA and mother is Strawberry Sky x Zippos R B Straw by Hall of Fame Hengst, Zippo Pine Bar. In 2011 Pine had a Profit broodmare, Profits N Pine, who now owns Mykal Kirkpatrick.

Pine is raised with Royal Three Dash for 2019 foals. Wins Chiquita, 2007 our Brown by Profit Increase, SI 96, SW, LTE-$29,807. From a Multiple Stakes filly, Marias Daughter, SI 97, $5, 924, ROM Race by Royal Three Charge, SI 103, which is derived from Marias Special, SI 101 x Game Plan, SI 95 x Easy Jet, SI 100.

Subsidiary is a multi-producer of racing received earn $17,385 incl. KR Opal, SI 92, $10,395 KR Faylene, $5,333 KR Faylene, $5,3 SI 92, $10,395 KR Country Girl, $56,657 KR Country Girl, $1,657 SI. Maria's Special, SI 101, won $11,723, is a manufacturing mother of getting $83,215 from racing to earn starts double, SI 96, $22,801, ram racing, ram performance, 2 stage win includes the 1986 Charlie Russell Futurity and the Mountain Magic Sale Futurity (Equaling Track Record);

RSQH Dash Ta Fame, SI 99, 20,110 $, mise placée, course ROM ; SRQH Stashin Cash, SI 108, 33,989 $, mise placée, course ROM, course supérieure. The Chiquita is open for 2019. Profit Condileesa, 2009 our brood mares by Profit Increase, SI 96, SW, LTE-$29,807. AQHA Champion out of our filly Passion Paige x Ribbon Page.

Paige is the Passion of Profits Allure weir, $1360 racing revenue, Profits Estralita - look for them in Barrel of Pen 2016, Paige is looking for Profits Paige, $1952 in Barrel of Income, now a leader producer for Kay Anderson, ID. And Condi brought an excellent Brown Colt from Royal Three Dash on May 2, 2018.

So Condi is back to Royal Three Dash for 2019 foals. Profit Cosmic Angel, 2013 Rapp mare x increase in profits, SI 96 out of Shining sign, SI 74 x The signature, SI 107, Superior race, New track record, LTE- $333,473. "Shiny's" mother, Vanity Fayre is by the great stud, 1966/67 world champion, duplicate, SI 100 and on the bottom her AAA, Granddam, Formal Affair, SI 95, is a grandchild of Mr. 89'er (Leo/King).

With 47 Stakes champions, 239 AAA and 83 AAAT and 7 World Championships, Theignature is the father of the breed who earns over $11,232,610. The Angel is open for 2019. $3,100 Red Hot Martini, SI 93, $164,014 Red Hot Rhythm sorrel mares, SI 99, $164,014 Multiple AAA father, Race wins $3,780,451.

Martinís mother, Famous Last Martin, SI 93, $33,325 is a daugther of Dash Ta Fame, SI113, $290,812 with Racing, which earns more than $17 million and has been the top barrel futurity sire of all times for 10 years. Martin i is in childbirth for 2019 with Dr. J.. Royal Aleta, our new Royal Three Charge Palmino filly, SI 103 x Ribbondelle.

leta' is raised with the profit increase for 2019. So Della's back to Special Blitz for the 2019 filly. Royal Julianne, a nice bay filly by Royal Three Charge, SI 103 x Miss Nancy Can, 77 points, Superior Halter, dark color. Thinking so much of Miss Nancy Can (see above), we kept all five of her girls for our stud group, among them Pretty Cachet, Passion Paige, Royal Nanette, Royal Della Can and Royal Julianne.

We' ll call him Specially Royal. Julyanne's breeding with the profit increase for 2019. Monique Royals is as quick as our AAA mares and so cute! Stylish brown filly with many thrusters by Royal Three Charge, SI 103, out of classic Carmell by classic Bar (Sugar Bars/Leo).

The Classy Bar was the father of many AQHA Champions and AAA. Carmell was out of the Birdtail Ranch horse Dear's Lady x Bear Cat. Carmell Classy is the mother of 18 colts, among them a Reserve World Champion AQHYA Halter gelding. is a very female, beautiful cappuccino broodmare.

She' s from the lead father, The Signature, SI 107, Superior Race, New Track Record, LTE- $333,473. "Shiny's" mother, Vanity Fayre is by the great stud, 1966/67 world champion, duplicate, SI 100 and on the bottom her AAA, Granddam, Formal Affair, SI 95, is a grandchild of Mr. 89'er (Leo/King).

With 47 Stakes champions, 239 AAA and 83 AAAT and 7 World Championships, Theignature is the father of the breed who earns over $11,232,610. That' a great filly. Born of Profit Increase and her mother was our beautiful dark filly, Silk N Dash out of our lovely Miss Jordash, SI 107 x Dash For Cash, SI 114.

It was Silk N Dash by the gorgeous Skirt Chasin Alibi SI 108, $117,784 whose mother was Silk Skirt and who is the mother of 5-AAAT, 6-AAA, 2-AA, 2-AA, 3 Stakes winning over $1,751,828 million dollar. Royal Three Dash was raised for 2019 foals.

For You, 2001 chestnut x Six foals, Si 90, Roma, LTE - $72,571, a top AQHA Race mares-maker. Rosie " is a rather Sorrelian filly with working line on the underside of the family tree, which exhibits the blood line Classy Bar/Two Eyed Fox. This is a very female filly, which will show her off very well on our sires.

On May 19th, 2018 Rosie sired a great chestnut filly, Star and Snow by Royal Three Dash. for 2019 foals. Racing, SI 99, Top Barrel Sire. This is Breeze from a subsidiary of Society Road, SI-102 x Dash For Cash.

She' s a very nice bay broodmares that we rented to be raised this year for profit. And Breeze has sired a stylish Chestnut Stud filly from 2018, Blaze Face, by increasing her winning on April 17, 2018. Selling to Matt & Rachel Robertson, Bozeman, MT Breeze moves back to Campbells, she is raised with JL Sirocco for 2019 foals.

Undleashed in Private, an excellent 6 year old mares, we call "Lea". Comes from Lds Unleashed x Dash Ta Fame, SI 113 and from Dashing Reba, SI 86 x Streakin Dash/Merridoc. On June 1, 2018, Leah celebrated a lovely back stocking by Royal Three Dash, featuring Leah Filly; Blaze face.

They' re called Ungleashed Ta Dash. Selling to Alex Dagnoli, Columbia Falls, MT Leah is back to Royal Three Dash for 2019 foals now. "She is our breathtaking broodmare by Vested Pine, who is a Superior Wild Pleasure Sire of the AQHA World Show Champion/ Reserve Champion Wild Pleasure of 2003.

AAA, Vested Pine, Superior Halter, Superior Halter, AQHA Hall of Fame Father, The Invester, AQHA Champion. Piney's mother, Romancin the Leaguer x Kay Cee Leaguer, World Champion Jr. Western Pleasure, Reserve World Champion 2 years old Snaffle Bit, High Point Western Pleasure stallion and now several times World Champion performance stallion.

Piney's mother is a grandchild of the world champion father Majestic Dell, 46 AQHA Halter points on the dam's side. On June 11, 2018 Piney sired a beautiful Bay Stud filly; famous stallion of Royal Three Dash, famous for Piney's beautiful Bay Stud, named Jackson, Single Mate. Selling to Tischel Dagnoli, Columiba Falls, MT Piney is open for 2019.

MQHA Champion Race Horse 1983, SI 103, Zips Black Lace, a deep dark foal by Pretty Classy Zip out of Royal Jacee x Royal Three Charge. Jacee's mother was Rebelynne Radiance, produced by Rebel Rocket, AA, AQHA Champion of AAAT, World Champion Race Horse, Rebel Cause. On May 21, 2018 Lacey produced a stunning Brown Stud foal; Elongated Star by Profit Increase.

Sales to Shana & Ryan Nisbet, Great Falls, MT Lacey will be breeding with Royal Three Dash for 2019 foals. Our very beautiful Zippin Dellena is back in our dam line. In 2010 she was selling as a sales person in the MBG sale, last winter we repurchased her and raised her for profit.

This is a black Palominot by Pretty Classy Zip x Noor Charge, AAA and her mother was our Royal Dellita x Royal Three Charge, SI 103 out of a suede by Ribbon Page, AQHA Champion. Dellena' is back in breeding for 2019 foals.

This is a dark female from Pretty Classy Zip x Noor Charge, AAA and her mother was our female from Ribbon Page, Kizzie Page, from Two Fox Chiffon. Pandas is open for 2019.

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