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We have many opportunities to own thoroughbreds and many individuals, farms and horse teams willing to do business with you. Minor investors who race to equestrian syndicates Furey has arrived at the road. Furey's not a biliar, but it didn't really make any difference on Churchill Downs Derby Day. It was an owned horse, and the Team Valor mastermind, Barry Irwin, gave Furey and the other animal kingdom associates the real treat of bringing the whole blood to his Stargate. Furey felt something really different on this one.

Soon, Furey and the other associates were hidden in Irwin's stall, another property benefit, and had places on the course as their horses, their horses! It was a close one and Furey couldn't see the last corner. The value of the animal kingdom skyrocketed after the victory. Furey's 5 percent share is potentially $250,000 or so.

And the best of all: Furey's part in the animal kingdom actually did not come at all, because he had held 5 per cent of the foal's dam, Dalicia. Furey's property interest was assigned when she was foaling Animal Kingdom. Anticipate more tales like Furey's from winning groups around the globe in the near term as the partnering scheme further democratizes equine property in an annual $10 billion sector.

While the general community can envision an unbelievably prosperous owners for a certain animal, a partnership also offers medium-sized people the opportunity to own a slice of the world. It is possible to have communities of equine people on all tiers, at all costs. For only $1,000 you can buy into a single equine, although more announced odds are likely to provide you with at least $10,000 for a 5 to 10 per cent stake.

According to the Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders Association, the average costs for a single annuallingling in 2011 were 15,000 US dollars. So you can put a few dollars into a pony and see that it far exceeds your expectation, or you can pay millions and loose everything. Irwin knows the highs and lows of racing with years of experience in breed, racing and the education of youngsters.

In fact, the campaign for potential counterparts is to some extent not significantly different from the campaign in the gallery. Furey, for example, saw the animal kingdom growing up. He meets the Jockeys before the race, visits the paddock and sits down in Irwin's pit. And he also got a winning circle from the Derby, the sacred grain of the race.

But, above all, Furey gets to buy one of the biggest excitements ever. Possessing a racehorse every two minutes is as thrilling as it gets to be for pros who have devoted their career to compete at the highest level - many of them former competitors.

Cothran "Cot" Campbell, Chairman of Dogwood Stable, who conducted the first ever social partnering for a Horse called Social Arrest in 1969. Whilst the property market looked traditional in the monastery and intimidated potential purchasers, twinning schemes offer beginners the opportunity to join up with already established barns and engage as they please.

The increase in the number of alliances is attributed by FINLY to the verbal propaganda of former allies and the drug addiction of the game. In fact, there are possible fiscal advantages for equine partnership, says Robert Masiello, a 30-year-old stock dealer and West Point Thoroughbreds associate. When you can become an "active" landlord of the IRS, which takes far more to own the horses than just a cheque, you can write off the horse's costs over three years (seven years ago).

Initially he was interested as a junior at John's Hopkins University, which is located near the Pimlico Race Course and houses the Preakness Stakes.

But what has mattered most to him is not the number of won rounds, but the fellowships that have developed in the racing team.

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