Rambo Horse Blanket

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The Dover is the source of Rambo blankets. With Rambo and Amigo turnout ceilings at great discounts. The Horseware(R) blankets are Euro cut and the sizes are not the same as those of other manufacturers. Low season sale for all Rambo Medium and Heavy switches. Get that Rambo horse blanket you wanted before she's gone.

Original Rambo® Turnout Blanket

Involvement that got us off to a flying start! Rambo Original has the classical style and materials you and your horse have come to know and like, with some great new additions. Notice: We suggest that you place the stitching on a hem. Embroideries on the ceiling can impair the waterproofness of the ceiling.

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This is no replacement for talking about your pet's condition with a vet. CharacteristicsThe feed draws humidity away from the horse's core, where it is taken up by Horseware's AquaTrans film.

Rambo® Turnout Blankets - Schneider's

The Rambo® switch blanket is the perfect choice if you are looking for a classical switch blanket for your horse. The legendary and popular label began in 1985 with the production of high end horse rugs and has since then further improved its proven style. The Rambo soft blanket has an innovating Euro style which is pleasant for your horse to carry, but also ensures that the blanket does not skid or skid while your horse is moving in the stable or on the fields.

Rambo blanket also has an invincible impregnation that keeps your horse out of the weather and keeps your horse hot and sober. The blanket is also extremely air-permeable while being watertight, preventing superheat and uncomfort. This blanket is made of nylon with Aquatrans® coated anti-microbial nylon liner that transports perspiration away from your horse's skins to keep it cold, hydrated and new.

In addition, they have a thermo-bonded fibre filling that reinforces the heat of the blanket, making them perfectly suitable even for the colder winters. Rambo rugs not only help keep your horse cosy and healthy, they also enhance the look and feel of his hide and cut.

The Rambo blanket is antistatic and has a smooth white cotton liner that reinforces your horse's lustre by redirecting oil from his fur. Also, they do not scratch the delicate shoulder and shoulder, because they have an authentic Rambo neckline pattern and flat double-front or V-front fasteners that make it easier to put on and take off the blanket.

You don't have to be worried that your horse will slip into or out of this blanket because it is so convenient that he doesn't even want it. Schneider offers Rambo switch ceilings in various weight ranges, from extremely durable ceilings for the cooler winters to light -weight switch ceilings for cooler springs.

Most of these rugs are also Horseware® liners so you can apply an extra coat even on the coldest day. Select from a range of colour schemes to give your horse a classy, complimentary look and select just the right horse to match a T.

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