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Ramshaw horse blankets

Ride-Away Rambo horse blankets Horseware was founded in 1985 and is one of the world' s largest producers of horse blankets. HRSEWARE has developed many makes, one of which is a Rambo, to safeguard your horse against some of the toughest condition that the UK wheather can pitch at it. The Rambo offers the toughest fabrics on the markt, inclusively 1,000D bullet-proof polyamide to cause extremely tough outsides with thermo bonded fiber filling, this is used in their most fashionable switch carpets like the Rambo Duo Soft.

Rambo has everything your horse needs to keep him in good health and happiness with a large selection of items such as carpets, switches, radiators and even therapeutic carpets.

Rambos horse blankets & stable blankets

Are you looking for a high-quality horse cover that keeps your horse cosy and protects it from all weathers? Explore the Country & Stable US series of Rambo ceilings. You can count on Rambo, a name supplied to you by the respected mother company Horseware Ireland, you can especially count on our name.

The Rambo range is available in different colours and designs. So, if you're looking for Rambo cowl covers, switches, radiators and nonwovens, buy from C&S US today and get free delivery on orders over $100 in the US and Canada!

Dry Carpets Rambo

There' s quite simply no other products on the open air like this. Well, although there is one big disadvantage, I strongly advise you to pay the big sums for one. BUT you have to take very seriously that you never let go of the horse in a stable when you carry it.

After that is said, you can bathe/shampoo a horse, wiggle, wind into this infant, put into a trailor, then even in cold weathers, 30-45 min later discharge a hot, arid horse. Or, an old horse, clean the forequarter, put on your throat, clean it and roll it out as you walk. The horse is in love with his Rambo robe.

This is never a better price for the price that has ever been made. never must you keep one on a horse that is not in the palm of your hands, in cross-connections or bound. That stuff will eat chips for dinner. ? Yes, I am recommending this item.

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