Ranch Horse Geldings for Sale

Horse Ranch gelding for sale

Might be an excellent trail/truck horse for everyone. The Hobbs is a sweet gelding that has been there and is so light and easy to ride. " Shoshoni" is a tall, gentle mare who can keep up with the geldings. Grew up on the historic Flitner Ranch in Shell Wyoming. Sales include only ranch horses from a select group of ranches known for their excellent horse runs and AQHA memberships.

ranch gelding investments & sale

In the gelding ranch, a selected number of top-notch geldings are assessed and evaluated on their capacity to execute various ranch-related skill and manoeuvres. These include abseiling, opening doors, trimming and manipulation. Each gelding participating in the exhibition and sale is assessed on its capacity to carry out certain routine duties associated with working at the ranch.

The contest is held in front of an public of interested parties who make their selection for the bidding that follows the contest and the award ceremony.


The Monarch is the kind of horse that can be used for any work. He' ll work on a tightrope and knows his work if you have to see a physician. He was also used as a horse in the arenas and has won jackpot wins, as well as the World Series of Team Roping Series.

Monarch is a real eye-catcher with a beautiful grip and a striking appearance. "Josey" was mainly used as a ranch horse and is a favourite of many cowboys! "Although he is a first class colt, he was raised by Diamond A, Chasing Daddy and a Diamond A mamma.

He' s a big, strong horse and a great roped horse with a great horse. "Swear " is a pretty 3-year-old filly, who is calm and light to have. She' s out of one of the coveted brood mares on Diamond A. She is being ridden through the rally in early May and will certainly be an eye-catcher.

"Yoda " is a big, powerful horse with a soft and calm character. He' really a beautiful horse and should stand out in the stadium. "Arnie " is very soft with a great deal of manure and irritation to the eyes. He' s a great visitor to the ranch and would be a great view for the abseiling or the ranch horses' variety.

"Zeus " is a large, powerful horse, calm and smooth, he was used on the ranch and launched in the stadium. He is a great horse when the going gets rough. He' s by the Diamond A Stud horse Paul's Good N Red.

"He is a lovely horse that has been on the ranch all his years. He is no stranger to him. He' a very stable horse and doesn' t get agitated. Fenders was used to launch a barrel of ropes on the ranch and was launched at the top of the area.

He' sells great, but is by Chasing Daddy and out of a Diamond A filly.

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