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Carry on to the old West with The Ranch's Riding Adventure. All year round you can enjoy trail rides and horse-drawn sleigh rides! It offers a friendly, family-oriented environment in which the ranch horses can demonstrate their unique abilities and skills.

Horse -riding for hundreds of years, horses offer the most comprehensive opportunity to see and discover the historic American West.

Horse backpacking for hundreds of years offers the most comprehensive opportunity to see and discover the historic American West. Have a look at the following possibilities to choose between different horse back rides. You have many ways to find your ideal horse: The way the horses are reared, the rider's experiences and the places or ways of equestrian sports that you want to do.

There' s a perfect ranch for everyone. West Pleasure Guest Ranch in Standpoint, Idaho is very proud of their four-legged working partner. There are about 40 horses in our stud, Appaloosas and Paintts for their saddles. There will be two groups of Belgians, two Percherons and one Shire-Cross crew for their sledding and carriage tours.

The majority of horses are either bred and reared on the ranch or on one of the owner brothers' farms. Horses are treated and managed at an early stage to adapt them to their use. At two years old they start their formal education, get used to the saddles and work in the round pens.

Then a few quick outings. The system provides a secure, sensitive and fast reacting rider. These horses are used as riding animals for the hiking guide at the age of three and four. For more information about the horses of Western Pleasure click here. At Elkhorn Ranch in Montana you will quickly become familiar with the safety and well-being of our competent people.

Even seasoned horsemen will hang around their horses from times to times, as the site allows. They are always ready to teach any visitor who needs a little more help to sharpen their equestrian skill. Adults, females or can't-a-lopes, as they are lovingly called, are given a wide range of daily horse rides to match their interests and abilities.

The trips are small, usually with less than eight people in a group. They take meticulously monitored horseback riding on the trails, e.g. a bath in a stream, a tour of an old cowboys' fortress or an excursion to the bear caves. Even teens unite and all have vivacious journeys full of adventure, which seem to keep growing in the recounting.

No matter if it' long and long and challenging, dividing a path seems to create friendship for people of all ages. While brushing your horses before you return to your hut, you will be smiling at the view of going back to the hut in the morning - well nourished, well-restored, and prepared to spend another dramatic sunny afternoon on a highland path in the Montana Rockies.

The Paradise Guest Ranch horseback programme is very versatile and offers a range of possibilities. You can choose between two-hour, half-day and full-day trips. A few daily trips involve lunch on a mule and boiled along the way. Courses are available. Join one of our experienced Wrangler and enjoy a ride through the wildflower-covered mountains in the Bighorn National Forest.

You can also enjoy an afternoons in our own personal stadium with our rodeos, where you can enjoy team-penning or drums and sticks. They are time-controlled activities that are enjoyable for everyone. Dedicated team-penning courses are available. At the end of the weekend there is a children's toboggan with the most child-friendly horses on the ranch. UNESCO Explorations Eatons' Ranch provides our visitors with the chance to experience one of our 220 unaccompanied horses with the ranch's approval.

You can also enjoy full-time horseback trips to the Bighorn National Forest as well as breakfasts and dinners. At the weekend there are more restrictions on horseback tours; on Saturday there are only trips in the early and late afternoons, and on Sunday there is only one in the early hours, as the remainder of the days is our equestrian vacation.

The Wrangler's are always available to lead trips and give instructions. See this footage of Eatons' ranch and her horseback ride programme. When you' re at the 1+1 Ranch of Rowse, you'll have a true ranch lifestyle and enjoy the humble delights of our West Coast heritages. Whether it' summer, autumn or spring...Every time of year is different and especially at the 1+1 Ranch.

In all seasons you have a lot of riding on the best horses of our ranch. It is springtime with the thrill of births of calves as well as colts, working animals, livestock and branding. Summers bring long grazing trips that control livestock, animal drive, work animals, cowboys socialists, squad rowing and squad racing.

In October, Herbst is a round-up, which is about long bovine rides on horses, abseiling teams and stables.

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