Ray Hunt Horse Trainer

Hunt Ray horse trainer

Hunt is the source of the modern genre of horse clinicians. Riding lessons are offered for both students with their own horses and without. Wisdom Words of Ray Hunt "I' ve lived most of my goddamn time on horseback. Our harvests are built in and out with the help of horse. Horse has always been a part of my life," Ray Hunt said in his introductory words to a host of horse artisans, distributors and retail dealers at the Denver International Western/English Apparel and Equipment Market.

"The horse is a very delicate beast. The people you've been with on horseback know that because you spray him with fly spray in summer. "It'?s my duty to know my work, what I?m trying to train, and you don't get it over night. Needs a life to know how to spend a life.

Young I see who have been with a horse for four or five years and they know everything. It' s astonishing what a horse will do in all of this, and if it doesn't fill out, we wouldn't do much with them. It' astonishing what the horse will do for us if we handle it as if it were one of us.

"So, it must come from us on the horse. This horse runs over you, walks up to you, does things you don't want. "Everything you do is give this horse a good business, no different than you would give it to me. Unless I run this firm or keep the boat on course, I will take it to the bottom or to another boat.

"It'?s a good match for any horse. It is not the horse for me; it is what I can provide to the horse so that I can get a refund. However, most folks use it like this: "You better be scared or I'll hurtyour feelings". You will have to do something to make the right thing hard and the bad thing simple.

You should never do anything to deliberately harm him. Humans are working on their horse, their horse is fine, (your heart) must be fine. There' s a goddamn good goddamn good goddamn horse. But there's a goddamn good goddamn good goddamn good goddamn reason why I do what I do. But I ask folks, "Well, why did you do that?

What? How's the horse supposed to study when you don't know why you're doing what you're doing? "Look what the horse is going through. Think you guys can do the jobs; hopefully you'll get to see what happens. "It' s astonishing what you can teach when you have already learnt everything there is to know.

A few folks think they have everything under control; they just scratch the surfaces. What I'm talking about, most humans will never achieve that objective. A lot of folks don't have the guts. It knows you can't deal with it, and that doesn't make it false to know you can't deal with it.

He could do all these things because something could frighten him, or he could slide and drop at any moment, and yet they can' t deal with it, but they want to go on with their horse. Utilize your social (horse) power!

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