Red Bridle

Bridle Red

Swarovski red crystals and various shades of red. Purchase Royal Fancy Anatomic Raised Red Padded Bridle with reins and vegetable tanned leather at an affordable price. Red Barn & KL Italia bridles are handmade to the highest standards. A black bridle with yellow accents and reins with leather ends.

Black Premium and Hot Pink/Red bridle.

Anatomic Fancy Red Padded Bridle with reins, vegetable leather - bridles & reins.

Bridle with reins, with Red Padded Bridle mit Z├╝geln. Vegetably vegetable leather. Article No. 1161; Breathtaking anatomical texture with coloured upholstery, makes the look noteworthy, incomparable craftsmanship with innovating touches keeps this gorgeous device one jump ahead of the competition. It is a very comprehensive top of the range with perfect contrasting enhancement, precision stitching & anatomically shaped with design fantasy on Traditional Nose and Brow bands.

Made from high grade, plant based, plant based, tumbled, plant based leathers, which are the best and most used on the asiatic continents and offer a sleek look and feel for training and show ring. Wide, soliochromatic headpiece, anatomical shape that leaves free room for the ears.

This bridle's smooth cushioning is the most distinctive and distinctive feature. Because of the smooth and cuddly cushioning on the headpiece, headband and noseband, this scale is animal-friendly, which in turn ensures minimum stretching and maximal firmness of the skin & above all, a comfortably cushioned back strap protection is provided to prevent any crushing and itchiness of the pet and to increase the comforts.

Smooth and arched with Buckles polishing & varnishing to the highest standards for long-lasting results.


Red Barn & KL Italia fences are handmade to the highest standard. Our leathers are hand-picked by our bridle makers and represent the highest qualities of English and Italien leathers available today. All headrests, nose and headbands are softly padded for the convenience of your horses; bevelled corners on all belts, tapering ends and correct punch-outs on the inside for shape and functionality.

The Flash Straps are measuring 5/8 and have a strap behind the clasp. The Red Barn & KL Italia fences are supplied completely with rein. In addition, we have all Red Barn bridle parts in our warehouse. With the help of a retailer you can adapt the Red Barn snaffles to your horses.

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