Red Cell Horse Supplement

Erythrocytes horse supplement

The Red Cell is a tasty, yucca-flavored vitamin-iron-mineral preparation for horses. Yucca flavoured Red Cell is a tasty vitamin, iron and mineral feed for horses. The Red Cell Horse Supplement is a haematopoietic supplement that increases energy and stamina. Erythrocytes - Yucca-aromatic supplement formulated to provide essential vitamins and minerals that may be missing from your horse's daily diet.

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The Red Cell is a tasty, yucca-flavored vitamin-iron-mineral preparation for the horse. The Red Cell is designed to deliver additional vitamines and minerals that may be absent or present in inadequate amounts in a horse's food. Water, ferric sulfate, ammonium hydroxide, citric acid, choline chloride, zinc sulfate, sorbitol, magnesium sulfate, potassium chloride, supplement Vitamin A, acetate vitamine, D-activated animal sterol radiated (source of vitamine D-3), copper sulfate, xanthan gum, manganese sulfate, thiamine hydrochloride, calcium pantothenate, saccharin sodium, riboflavin,

Sodium benzoate (a preservative), niacinamide, sodium bicarbonate, biotin, sodium selenite, seaweed extract, yucca schidigera extract, ethylenediamine dihydriodide, vitamin B-12 supplement, artificial cherry flavour, FD&C red #40 and potassium sorbate (a preservative). Horse training: Start 2 liquid red cell-ounces a day.

Horse not in training: Give 1 liquid ounce of Red Cell every day. Give erythrocytes by stirring into the diet or oral dosage.

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A tasty yucca-flavoured nutritional supplement, Red Cell by Horse Health is designed to deliver essential vitamin and mineral supplements that may be missing from your horse's nutrition. This is the industry-standard haematoposter for the care of championships. Ferruginous, contains 300 mg per oak of gelatinized ferruginous steel. Now, for the first of its kind, the same proven Red Cell formulation is available in easy-to-feed 300 mg per half an ounce ferric content and can be individually or blended with cereals.

Fluent formula: Once a day supply 1 troy of liquids to the horse of medium size. Horse exercising - 2 oz a day. 1 gal tank lasts over 4 month when it' s feeded to a horse that is not in the workout. A pellet formula: Horse training: Feeding 1 oz erythrocyte pellets per day by blending into the diet.

Horse not in training: Add 1/2 oz erythrocyte pellets to your diet every day by blending.

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