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The Red Horse Home It is an important part of my day log to fight fungus and bacteria growing in horse feet. It'?s recommended to all my customers. HoneyHeel gave us great results on horse with allergies to Buttercup - which disappeared in just two treatments. These outstanding products are very impressive to us.

Well, I have to say how much I was amazed by the efficacy of your products. All of HoneyHeel, Sweet Oil, Red Zone Super and the stomach support works very well and we are very satisfied with the results. Can' give you enough recommendations! Make sure you like your products. These products I like because they are efficient and yet do no damage.

As a blacksmith in my own company, I use products there on a regular base, almost every day.

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I have just begun to use your lipstick and your handstick and they are delicious. The blacksmith of my horse suggested Artimud to handle my horse's throttle. It had a chronically recurrent case in all 4 foot for nearly 3 years due to the particular anatomy of its hooves and soles. Artimud was taken every few nights for about a whole week, but the throttle was not present at all 4 foot heights, even in the Sulkus, which was our major warfare.

From time to time the throttle comes back because of the same anatomical problem, but one session does everything to eliminate it now. I' ve been recommending Artimud to my customers for several years. And it was astonishing to treat throttle and line blank. I have been asked by my customers where they can buy this medicine because they want it as both a drug and a preventive.

Products Red Horse

We are a passionate producer of high value pet food and healthcare products through continued improvements and new products that we develop. Superior ingredient levels, freshness, consistent superiority, and scientific efficacy are the key characteristics of Life Data Labs pet care products. That is why they have for 12 successive years manufactured the No. 1 horseshoe preparation advised by blacksmiths.

In recent years, we have collaborated with specialised businesses and specialists to establish the necessary theory and technology to create and produce a therapeutical horse grooming and illness preventive horse grooming products. SmartPak provides a range of products to help the rider take good care of their horse, from the feeding station to the saddle room.

The SmartPak was established in 1999 with the launch of the company's proprietary SmartPak feed additive system, SmartPak? SmartPaks are specially designed for your horse, with individual inscriptions and seals for fresh, fresh results.

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