Registered Miniature Horses for Sale

Miniature registered horses for sale

Miniature quality Shetlands company registered. They had foals already, but they were not registered. BMHS manages and issues passports with all requirements for registration documentation. AMHA and AMHR miniature horses are for sale. Registered miniature horse Pinto Pawprint stallion for sale.

Arabic Miniature Horses & Miniature Show Horses for sale

MINIATURE is the smallest race in the equestrian industry. Over thirty years of miniature horses breeds have enabled our stable to select the best AMHA-registered horses. All our horses are listed twice in the AMHR register, which also recognises horses over 34 to 38 inch. The horses show a maximum of sophistication, finesse, proportions and excellent movements.

We' ll be updating our sale lists of our colts as soon as they get here and we' ll be sure to keep you up to date with the latest news on our sale pages! This site contains information for breeders about equine nutrition, equine nutrition, foal and ressources. They can also inform themselves about our yard, the miniature show horses and the newest miniature horses.

Our main emphasis is on American Miniature Horse Association (AMHA) registered horses that recognize the smallest miniature horses that can't be larger than 34 inch on the back. All our horses are registered twice with the American Miniature Horse Registry (AMHR).

Minature Horses for sale in Waynesburg, PA

Discounted* *Must Sell* RFM King Buckaroos Renegade "Renegade" is a 2007er 32 " stu. A marvellous horse, Renegade is bred both by hands and on the herd. Preisreduziert* *Must Sell* Cameo Sure A Misty Morn, "Cameo" is a 2000 registered bronzed chromium mares, 33.5". She' a beautiful filly, who can settle down and foal well.

In April 2015 she gave birth to an enchanting bay filly and is open voluntarily for 2016.

Horse for sale

Heigth: 33.5" California is available with her 2018 bay filly by Pandoras Cosmic Golden, and she ran with the 2019 filly Covergirls Boleros El Conquistador. Kalifornien has bred some beautiful colts for us, among them Pandoras Golden Canada Catsuck, which we kept.

Very ingenious, beautiful filly with an unbelievable temper. Your father won several major leagues and overtures. She has won many championship titles, among them the title of Europchampions. It will be an unbelievable show mare and a great supplement to any stud programme. When you are looking for a top show stallion foal, he has the look, feel and blood lines of several champions.

Mumbai is very sophisticated, has a sleek physique, a long throat and lots of exercise. Shebacious Cosmic will be an unbelievable herding father, his first colts have come this year and they are astonishing. She is very accurate, has a nice face, a long throat and is very ingenious. She is a very well brought up stud with a lovely character.

He is a wonderful young colt with a lot of talent, good movements and an unbelievable temper. He' d make a great showjumper. He' a full brother and sister of Pandoras Khaleesi Gold, who has won several masterships.

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