Registered Paint Horses for Sale

Paint Horses for sale

Apha registered "zip into class" gelding. Each foal has been dewormed twice, halter broken to guide with negative gears. colour requirements A. Horses that meet the RG-015 rule must have a clear "natural colour marking" at the moment of being born. Ensure that this firm blank area is in the specified area as shown in the following figure.

For horses with a predominantly whitish coat, a " innate colour mark " means at least one contrast surface of the necessary length of coloured colour with a pigmentated hide underneath, which is present at the moment of parturition.

The coloured area must be in the required area as shown in the following figure. The" E " colour marking" as described in B above must be more than two inch (2") and must be in the required area as shown in the figure below. D. The "natural colour markings" on a double-parent saddle as described in rule RG-015 may be anywhere on the horse's frame or leg behind a line:

The" true-to-nature colour marking" need not be seen from a standstill. E. To be included in the registry, a mare must have an extra Paint Horsing property (see RG-070.F.), which need not be seen from a standstill if the "natural colour mark": Underneath is not pigmented sebum.

Except II: appears when an area mark is extended beyond the 1 point of use. The" true-to-nature colour marking" must be more than 2 inches, be a firm blank surface and have non-pigmented hide. F. Other PaintHorses features for the purpose of this registry policy are shown below. Only these characteristics do not make a stallion eligible for the regular register.

Female leggings that extend over the knees and/or ankles; glass, apron face or balding face, described as an outer line from the inner angle of the eyes to the inner angle of the nostrils; blank on the lower lips or pine; dark area around a "natural colour mark";

Bicoloured mahne, one colour is nature-blue; black spots or freckles in the face or feet in the form of whitish coat; whites in the invisible area, except the scalp, entirely encircled by a contrast colour; a contrast area of another colour in the invisible area, inclusive the scalp, on the predominantly white horses.

G. Any registered equine having a border colour or a colour which may not be easy to identify must have indicated the dimensions and location of the suitability area in the "Remarks" section of his entry document.

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