Registered Quarter Horses for Sale

Reg. Quarter Horses for sale

asylum Members of the AQHYA Youth Association have the chance to see the show from November 15 to 18 at the AQHYA National Race Exhibition. Constructed in 2018, the Ford Tough AQHYA World Championship Show started on August 2nd in the State Fair Park in Oklahoma City. The Code of the West Foundation presents bronce to the Foundation and the Association in appreciation of the preservation of the Code of the West.

The members of the AQHYA Executive Committee were awarded grants from the America Quarter Horse Association at the Bank of America Youth Excellence Seminar 2018.

With the unmistakable "appaloosa style" stain & ceiling colouring, it is the first Quarter Horse (known to us) completely registered by Aqua.

With the unmistakable "appaloosa style" stain & ceiling colouring, it is the first Quarter Horses (known to us) completely registered by Aqua. He' also an exiting competitor in the challenging sports of pure Cow horses. His father has already created highly acclaimed pure cotton horses - in possession of Professional & NonPro equestrians as well as youth equestrians.

Reminic In can be trained, willing, covy, and sporty.... exactly yarn kind of equal partner! 5-panel N/N............. his AQHA registration number is 4821703....... he is a grandchild of Hall of Fame stud REMINIC. We breed and coach both AQHA-registered quarter horses and ApHC-registered Appaloosa horses here at JOR HORSES.

We have a stud programme that encompasses this thrilling colt, Reminic In Spots, crossed with outstanding performance mares from both breeding registers: AQHA registered broodmares are producing AQHA registered brood mare colts, and AQHA registered brood mare brood mare prod.

stallions spects, fillings, mares, moneyings..... more than just beautiful colours! Reminic In Spots' stains and unusual colours come from the LP colour genes, which are often associated with the Appaloosa family. However, he is a thoroughbred quarter horse. LP genes are rare in horses of highest quality, but they do occur!

Verify back for upgrades to Quarter Horses registered in Spot's award-winning Quinic registered descendants..... He has been practicing and showing horses for over 40 years. He is a breeders - he only tries to make them the way he wants them for himself, with willing heads and sporting skills. For over 20 years Vicki has been planing mating & selling YOR horses, incl. export to the USA, France, Great Britain, Germany and Chile.

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