Rehome a Racehorse

Rehabilitation of a racehorse

The Racehorse Rescue Centre can help you in many ways, from rehabilitating a horse through our online service or our centre to free therapy programmes. All of our re-homing policy has evolved over time and is now being run as Jim Boyle's ex racehorses, led by Pippa Boyle. The Diego is a beautiful horse that you can own, always delighted to see you and without problems.

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Withdrawn from motorsport, Cole is now looking for his new car! The Cole has the look, feel, fit and flexibility to meet a range of challenges. Straighten your feet. Goes directly to unfamiliar floating places and travel well. Since his last run, Cole has taken a 7-week rest.

Pictures & video show his second return trip, where he didn't set a single foothold out of place. She has a kind of incision, as can be seen in the pictures of an earlier breach. And for any other video or information please PM me.

Britain's biggest charitable organisation for rescuing and restoring horses has announced a partnership with Retraining of Racehorses.

Says the organisation that a winning project is likely to expand the programme to its four rescue and rehabilitation centres across the UK. It is the intention to improve the geographic distribution, so that former race horses will be available for more seasoned re-starters of the organization.

Chairman of the RoR Board Di Arbuthnot: "In recent years we have experienced a significant appreciation and enquiry for former race horses, as more and more riders have become conscious of their eventing and the available opportunities in various events from show jumping to plo.

NSW promises to rehabilitate every racehorse after the sighthounds have been switched off.

EITHER racehorse in NSW is re-homed according to a scheme by the chiefs of sports to prevent a sighthound type outage. NSW Racing CEO Peter V'landys pledged to provide 1 percent of a new $204 million Petrizemoney deal every year that would go toward the well-being of horses racing the world. It will be additional to the Racing NSW's current equestrian activities.

V'landys said that more funds would be provided if needed and the intent was to rehabilitate every racehorse that had ended its careers and every breed that was not quick enough for a run. "Every one of the horses we will judge, and we will take the best possible treatment for it," said Mr. V'landys (in the picture).

Twothousand racingpferde run each year in NSW, while further 2000 do not reach the distance, said Mr. V'landys. NSW Racing also wants more visibility and closer control of what happens to those ponies that are raised for the races but never make it to the circuit. Commenting on the start of the campaign last night, coach James Cummings said it was clear that there was clear concern about the extension of the greyhound to include the horse.

"This will be a long way to help those who we know need care," Mr Cummings said. It is a matter that hangs over our minds, especially since the announcements (on) of the Greyhound industries. Mr V'landys said there was a clear distinction to the first-world dog trade in relation to "waste".

Wherever sighthounds have had six or seven puppy puppies, a horse is usually conceived individually. Said he currently estimates that about 3 percent of retired racing ponies are not rehabilitationable. Said the changes were a response to what had happened in the sighthound industry.

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