Rehoming ex Racehorses

Rehabilitation of former racehorses

Pensioners thoroughbred racehorses are versatile. Away from the piste - the tens of former racehorses Whilst the publicity of equestrian sport makes the horses known to the general world, what happens to the thoroughbred outside the circuit after their work is done? The rehabilitation of racehorses could be a full-time assignment, but fortunately the Off the Tracks programme is doing a good job of educating the general community about the rehabilitation of former racehorses.

Off the Track Programme is run by the Principal Race Authority in Victoria, Australia, and is run by Race Victoria Limited. Race Victoria is a thoroughbred race sports watchdog that aims to preserve the health, safety, quality and appeal of the game in Australia. This off-the-track programme is a solution to the problem that former racehorses often have nowhere to go after retirement.

Helping to spread people' knowledge about the many racehorses available in retirement, their common talent in their new carreer, and how prospective new owner can connect with these thoroughbred off-track racehorses, the off-the-track program encourages and enhances the acceptance and buying of ex racehorses into their next carreer houses.

However, the ex racing is not your usual type of product, and the Off-the-Track program encourages an open minded approach to what the acceptance or purchase of an ex racing can look like. Away from the race course, purebreds have to be trained, they are very sporty and sometimes also responsive. Off the tracks are a great place to find your old racing partner, and Off the Tracks provides a turntable for information on how to find a former racing partner in Australia.

Those various techniques involve choices you may not have taken into consideration, such as the purchase of a still racer riding horses, the purchase of an ex race horses in a workout programme, and searching for a thoroughbred outside the circuit at a stockale. This has been taken into consideration off the tracks and much of the work has been done to find a good ex-racing coach for you.

It contains the trainer's name, e-mail and contacts information, site, as well as approach and specialty trainings. When you are considering purchasing an ex-racing horse in Australia, Off the Trail can be an invaluable asset for you. It offers a unique networking to help keep Thuroughbreds off the road and into the care of their new owner.

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