Reined Cow Horse Bits for Sale

Cow Horse Reined Bits for sale

""Built for working cowboys and horse trainers."" Bazo's work cow-horse saddle. An SRS working cow-horse saddle. The Cow Horse Bridle is an absolutely beautiful, high-quality outfit for your riding horse. Retailers please ask for saddle prices.

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"Made for working cowsboys and horse trainers." With 25 years of experience as a horse trainer, we know how these equestrian cared for. That' s why we use the best leathers, high-grade steal-hard ware, the right kind and the right dimension of the threads and the right sizes for most of our clients.

We are expected by our customers to manufacture these items properly so that they do not have to think about them. The cowhorse piece of gear, as it is now called, was purchased by Joel and Lynn Gleason in 1989. Her many years of work as a horse trainer have proven to be an advantage, enabling her to manufacture horse trainer devices at the highest level.

Jélène and Lynn and some of their colleagues share the necessary knowledge to cope with the many detail that needs to be taken into account during the multi-stage finishing of the high end finish, which includes the capability to select the right kind and the right amount of leathers, the precise length of each sting and perhaps most important of all the right fitting.

So Joel and Lynn are thinking about how they can further develop their already unmistakable product range. Many of the best horse trainer professionals using Cowhorse Equipment say they are "the best in the industry".

NRCHA legal-all Cow Horse Broodle Horse categories

HTS9 Cow Horse Bridle consists of the: The #HS51 cowboy headpiece with woven raw hide is made of 5/8 in. genuine cowboy head. Crowns and adjustable earpiece are lined with fine hand-woven rawskin. Slidable earpiece is suitable for both small and large ponies. Padded handmade to prevent the strap from moving.

This is made possible by the hand-engraved German gold on the thighs, both inside and outside the show area. They are 5 1/8 in. width, 7/16 in. across and have a 1 in. connector.  This is a darling in many events includin cow horse and is admitted in the NRCHA contest with either of these 2 mouths.

This #BH41 Bit Hobble has a nice handmade raw skin bal and handmade raw skin strap holder. Made of 1/2 in. handmade Latino skin and 5 1/8 in. width. It' the Latino-skin, grated and stained. #CU21 is made of 5/8 " 5 layer dish leathers, sanded by handpiece, Neatsfoot Oil and sanded by re-sand.

It' both AQHA legally and NRCHA legally on a heel. Chromatic Romal Reins: #CCR1 Romal Johns are made of fine woven rawskin, made by an experienced weaver, with 45 knobs and 9 running nod. It is handmade, sewn twice and base made. The rein is woven in 2 different cores:

A 3/16 in for smaller and 1/4 in for larger hand (see dropdown). Romantic ism and rein is joined by a 1/2 in. latigoband with raw skin spheres and straps and the rein is equipped with rotary knobs made of high-grade stainl. o... Both the Romantic and the rein are 48 inch inches long and the ports are 12 in ches for a combined length of 108in.

Tight view of the rein shown on the L. side. That is an absolute nice, high-quality look for your riding horse. He is NRCHA -approved for all riding horse categories. The #BC7 Full Rawhide Bra can also be seen on the horse and can be bought seperately.

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