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The Reining is a western riding competition in which the rider guides the horse through a series of movements and patterns. It is a place where trainers and non-professionals can offer horses for sale. Equestrian for sale at Cardinal Ranch. Reing Horses for sale at Warren Performance Horses. A look back at Andrea Fappani's show career from some of the most powerful horses of the Reining branch.

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The BAILEY DUN TWISTED - 2016 DUN TWISTED by Dun It With A Twin and BT Smartest Olena "Bailey" by BT Smartest and BT Smartest Olena is a very gifted, well breeded mare with a great exterior and great movemetn. Included is NRHA Futurity FinalistsColt an ihrer Seite von A Sparkling VintageComes with 2019 breeding to This Guns For NicSire :

Tejon's Peppy DocDam: Midnight One This is an NRHA stallion by the great breeding stallion..... In 2001 he produced over $41,000 NRHA Sira for MareProducer: AQHA: JayDam Master: Ladies Ultra Chic - (Smart Chic Olena) earns 20 points and $277: Open Reserve Champion de NRBC Day 2 Ltd ; 3. le Texas Classic Rookie ; RHANW Slide In Rookie Champion ; EQHA Rome O.............

Shelding 2010 OQHA WallachLTE $66002015 Novice Horse Open Affiliate Championship - Top 5Sire: Topsail Whiz's Tivito Sugar BarDam: Mrs. Gee WhizThis horse has the whole character you can imagine and is a popular stall everywhere. In 2012 he was a Gelding with over $11,000 in NRHA cash! GEALAX CROMED MERCEDES (LTE over $11,000)2012 Bay WallachBy Cromed Out Mercedes from Chic In The Bar (NRHA win over $13k, produce over $50k) The 15th GH CROMED MERCEDES (LTE over $11,000)Bay WallachBy Cromed Out Mercedes from Chic In The Bar (NRHA win over $13k, producti de of over $50k) This 15.

2-hands horse was successfully shown in the Open, among them the NRHA Derby..... With " Elans Smokin Annie" on her mind...Annie is in foal for a March'19 by Magnum Chic Dream...She has a mare by Magnum, which I really like...sorrel in the photo...Roan is '16 colts by One Roan Peptos...chestnut....

She is AQHA certified and about to be recorded at the APHA as her father is twice as well. Classification: not shown at the beginning of her career due to injuries, big, beautiful, sturdy dam, good dam to her offspring, good with other broodmares, her first colt is a moneymaker by Mr. Spin's physician, her second colt was foaled this year 2018, beautiful mare by Countador whiz, she.....

Lovely Gorgeous Bays Mares, well grown, soft, fancy and gifted! Born in 2013, Never Force BabyNever Baby is a brown filly by Spook' s Gotta Whiz and is out of Fortget theResort. The all-inclusive offer! Nice, bankrupt, super good breed shelding! Annie's Magnum DreamAnnie's Magnum Dream is a 2014 year old gelding by Magnum Chic Dream (NRHA 3 Million Dollar Sire) and out of a Peppy San Badger grandchild, Skeets Little Annie.

He will do everything and become a great non and terbyhorses! Born in 2018, Gunner's TINSELTOWN sons of Martin Chic Olena's family. He' s extremely soft and clever....... Winner of the first race - Clayton Classic NP Futurity Winner Lvl 2 and 42015 blue dark AQHA Gelding by Tinseltown Fly Guy (LTE $256,941+) and from Sno Chex Dominga (Major Son Chex).

Made by Tinseltown Fly from the first colt year..... Are you a Reining Horses For Sale or a Reining Professional?

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