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Comparison table of Renegade Hoofs Boots. What is the difference between Cavallo Simple Boots and Renegade Boots, Boa Boots and Easy Boots? The Renegade and Renegade Viper boots are ideal for many disciplines.

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Renegade is an advanced boots for the barefooter that is simple to use and easily removed while remaining safe in the toughest environments and toughest missions. Unique swiveling toe cap absorbs and reinforces the biomechanics of the foot and legs structures, enabling the foot and ankle to flex naturally.

It is made of a high-tech blend of polymers that is highly resistant to wear and provides excellent surface contact and tractive power on a wide range of terrains. It' conceived to go with a foot cut with a long toes, low Heel and a musang roller on the mantle.

Renegade Hoof Boot is perfect for high-performance sport. The Renegade Hoof Boots® are manufactured in the USA.

Cavallo Simple Boots Comparison with Renegade Hoof Shoes

The Cavallo shoes have been specially developed for simple and practical handling. The Cavallo shoes are easily put on, not taken off and easily removed. It is possible to drive over any area with complete boot guard. This table shows some of the different applications of boots and how the Cavallo Simple Boot is compared with the Renegade Boot, Easyboot, Old Macs boots and other boots on the marke.

Is it Cavallo plain shoes or sports shoes? Because the Cavallo is the Cavallo Easy boots, the Sports boots are the easier action boots. Sports boots are made for the smaller hooves, with built-in breakovers and a" skid" broke at the heels. Less tractive than single boots, it is slightly light and has reflecting pipings for security at work.

Due to its slimmer form it is also suitable for back hooves. The two boots have the typical Cavallo front opening system, a built-in drain, a soft suede padded neck and a back door with lamp-protector. When your horse's foot is long and slender, choose Sport Shoe and when it is round, the same length and width, choose Single Shoe.

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