Renegade Hoof Boots for Sale

Reneegade boots for sale

Renegade Viper Hoof Shoes at Best Price and Free Shipping Renegade Viper Hoof Shoe is the next breed of boots that pays tribute to its precursor, the Renegade Classic Hoof Shoe. The Renegade Viper hoof shoe has the same proven swivel hoof activator, wiring system and strap as the Renegade Classic hoof shoe, but offers many new up-grades.

Firstly, the Renegade Viper has undergone quite an intensive redesign in comparison to the Renegade Classic, which is the result of just a few hundred aesthetic years. The Renegade Viper is sure to turn its head with an elegant new look and two vibrant new colours, Cosmic Orange and Emerald Green.

This profile also shows the artistry of the Renegade Viper artist (Kirt Lander) and shows his force. Featuring lower groove for a longer profile, an unyielding look and crisp edges, the Renegade Viper profile will take the floor better than any other hoof shoe that has come before.

Renegade Viper has been freed of materials using fine elements analyses, resulting in a shoe that is about 15% heavier than the Renegade Classic, despite its more durable profile, and offers greater side room for both the shell of the heel cap. Heel captivator âgulletâ allows for enhanced bone-free boning.

Renegade Viper is made of a new, extremely hard-wearing PU that results in a shoe that lasts much longer. Heel Captivator Liner is glued on and the inside of the shoe is textured, both for more strength on the go. Renegade Viper emblem and shoe sizes are very large on the inside of each shoe to ensure fast and simple legibility of the shoe sizes.

Renegade Viper's gauge system uses the Metro system while meeting the industrial standards for length and width. To simplify matters there is no other dimension description than the indicated ones, e.g. a 130 mm long and 125 mm broad trunk has the dimension description 130x125.

IS PER BOOTS. Sizes are the real trunk measurements. It is therefore advisable to choose a bootsize that is approx. 5 mm longer and 10 mm broader than the indicated hoof after a correct Natural Style trim. CLICK HERE, ACCESSORIES INCHES TO MMRenegade boots are sent directly from Renegade to you, they are in Arizona.

In Arizona and you get your new boots shipped to Arizona - you must foot the 5.85% Arizona State Sales Tax for Renegade to send your new boots to you. Choose the Arizona State Sales Tax for the right number of boots you bought.

Now Pennsylvania residents also have sales tax.

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