Renegade Horse Boots for Sale

Horse Boots Renegade for sale

Pro-Comp Glue Hoof Shoe for sale! Horseshoes Renegade Pro Hex Driver for sale! Reneegade Viper hoof shoe for sale!

Horseshoe Boat Sales Availibility

The Renegade® boots are permanently manufactured in the USA and can be obtained from your groom or directly from the manufacturer. If your groom is not a Renegade dealer, please get in touch with us through our sales department. The Renegade® boots are very powerful, but have been specially developed for natural trim hoofs with a low instep, a shortshoe and a real musang roller.

When your horse has high boots, long toe and protruding and jagged sidewalls with sharply edged hoofs, your horse's boots may not perform well and last longer. The trunk is not difficult to operate, but in general it is not immediately operational and may need adjusting the cabling and harnesses.

To ensure that you are familiar with customizing cables and booting, please read the setup and install pages. In case you have trouble with the booting system please get in touch with us and help us by e-mail with pictures and conversations. This way we can solve 99% of our booting time.

Notice of Warranties: The boots can be exchanged for another shoe within 30 working hours of your order. There' s also a 30-day boat health guaranty or your refund when you give the shoes back (but you must allow us to help you with your boat health problems first). And finally, a 90-day guaranty on material and processing faults.

You must always return the boots to us, please make sure they are tidy, otherwise there is a $5/boot wash surcharge. There is no guarantee of profile abrasion due to circumstances beyond our reasonable discretion. If the horse is really in motion and heels first, you can calculate 300 to 600 mileage, which can vary according to the horse's movement, the nature of the ground and the pace at which it is driven.

When your horse first touches the toes or is heavier, it can result in significantly lower mileage in the toes and more abrasion of the shoe overlay. The horse should not move in this way and damaging the boots or wearing out the profile excessively in connection with this move is the horse's and not the shoe's responsibility.

No guarantee is given for profile abrasion and no guarantee for structure damages resulting from a first touchdown. Contact a farrier for information on how to promote a first ankle land.

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