Rescue Horses for Sale in Maine

Rettungspferde for sale in Maine

Identify horses offered for adoption in Maine. For more information, please contact Amy at Offers protection and care for the safety and health of horses of all backgrounds and ages.

It is our mission to eliminate the misuse and carelessness of horses.

Provision of shelter, rehab and housing for ill-treated and abandoned horses in Maine. Contributions will be used to finance horse maintenance and our "Help, Hope, Home" programme to improve the school. It is our goal to eliminate the misuse and carelessness of horses. Maine State Society for the Protection of Animals' missions are to offer sanctuary, rehabilitate and place confiscated equidae, assist in the placing of chapters and inform the world.

Society encourages humanitarian handling, educating and using livestock through educating and practical experience. Help, Hope, Home is a $1.8 million plant upgrade that combines an in-door classroom and a Human Rights Educational Centre with administration bureaus. It is a service for the horses and the humans who take good care of them. An important leap forward is our in-house stadium and you are our key collaborator to make it happen.

Together we will give help, encouragement, hope... home to magnificent, handsome - but abused - horses. The Maine State Society for the Protection of Animals is proud to announce that it is now certified by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS). It is the only equestrian institution in the state of Maine that has deserved such an honour.


We are a 501c3 Non-Profit Rescue License from the State of Maine whose exclusive object is to rescue horses that have been abandoned, left hungry or hit. They are rehabilitated as long as it will take for them to be recovered so that they can be raised for adoptive care and find a home forever.

"Don't let it sting to be a horse" Don't forget that your steed will always be there for you, so please always be there for your steed. Ownership of a stallion can be an obligation of over 30 years, please note this before you adopt any of these lovely cattle.

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