Retired Horses for Sale

Pensioned horses for sale

Please help us to support these retired horses by sponsoring a horse today! It is a no-sale adoption contract. Horse for sale right, cute, soft, plain and 100% tone. She is trained in riding and also has hunter skills, whether she is front or back. No excitement, trucks, no medical problems, no needles, just in the shed, great decorations, weights, baths, stand for blacksmith, clip, inspection!

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In order to begin the approval procedure, you must complete an approval form and send it by e-mail to! Once you have received approval, you must complete and signed the Adoptions Agreement before picking up your new stallion. To ensure that you are able to adhere to the terms and conditions of your adoptions, please review the agreement in its entirety.

It is the default agreement, we would like to point out that some horses will have changes to their agreements. RRMR Resale/Rehome policy can vary with each and every one. When you ever have the need to rehabilitate your horse and your equine is entitled to rehabilitation in your RSR agreement, you must get the prospective new owner of RSR licensed before you make a sale.

The new owner must also subscribe to the RRMR agreement, which provides for the same reselling policies. A number of horse donors to RRMR ask that their horses be housed only in lifelong houses and we try to accommodate this ask. Such horses have a provision in their agreement that they will not be sold or returned to the RRM.

In the event that someone is adopting a stallion under this arrangement and his conditions are changed and he can no longer keep it, we ask for the stallion to be given back to the R.M.R. and rehabilitation by R.M.R.. The other horses that do not have an R.M.R.R. Treaty are, among others, wounded or endangered horses that most often end up in poor places.

Redemption fee for the horses of the Remembrance Me Reserve will be returned directly to our recovery programme. Adoptation fee is a gift to Remember Me Reserve and is used to help horses currently in the programme of adopt. We will use your donations to buy food, forage, hire and supply the horses in our programme.

Not all horses are easy to adopt at Remember Me Racehorse Rescue. Several of the horses that have been given to us have several problems that make it very difficult to find a home for them. Because of their old age and previous race wounds and the high costs of food and additives, these horses are'unwanted'.

To help us fulfill the needs of these ageing horses, we are looking for partners to make a month -long gift in their name. They' re sponsoring his maintenance while he's at Remember Me Rescue.

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