Retired Quarter Horse Racehorses for Sale

Racehorses retired racehorses for sale

The Fiscal Cliff retired to Bob Moore Farms. Continue the good work for all of you who are rescuing ex racehorses. The big champion almost kills on the way to butchery.

The once victorious racing mare Press Exclusive, who in December last year in a horse drawn cart beat under the heels of 30 other frightened stallions on her way to a Canada abattoir, had left her equilibrium on the lorry and her place in the rest of the game. Nothing more precious as a racing horse or brood mare - she gave life to nine colts - she dropped between the feet and feet of the other slaughtered stallions and was beaten as she fought among them and turned in the chips and muck.

"When she made it to Ottawa, where the killing purchaser unloaded her for the papers before she went to the abattoir, a veterinarian wanted to immediately assassinate her because she was in such poor shape," says Mindy Lovell, veteran savior, Spring Hill Farm proprietor and Transition Thoroughbred Program manager.

Press Exclusive was dressed toes and heads with deeply cut and grazed wounds and held up four broken rips and facial punches leading to bizarre swellings. From all the stables Lovell has drawn out of the scrap pile of decommissioned stallions, the bare reference to Press Exclusive makes her cry. So on a fate breaking date in December 2012, when a vet floated nearby and insisted that the sad pet be put down on the scene, her bad health made her unsuitable for butchering herself, Lovell and her own horsewoman interfered.

Despite profound scepticism, the vet, who had crewed the Ottawa holdings company where the truck load of battlehorse had been halted and momentarily discharged, consented to sending the filly to Lovell. The once blossoming horse, already described as "convicted" of selling meats, was wobbling on feeble feet to a transportation awaiting her to the Lovell Ranch in Ottawa.

So when she came, a few pre-Christmas holidays, and Lovell saw her for the first glimpse, the terror scratched her hearts. After hearing from her horse rescuers told her that the pet needed it, Lovell decided to buy it. When she had found the necessary means to buy the horse from the grocer, and when she saw the state of the horse, she could not give up.

After Lovell's vet rated the mare's torso as 0 on a 1-5 rating and the horse's destiny seemed desperate, Lovell immediately began trying to give the wounded horse the right food and medicine. She was given antibacterials and Bute and was persuaded to continue to eat, even if it seemed as if all hopes had been wasted.

"When I went into the shed in the mornings and groped her for lunch, I was completely utterly écstatic, which is the reverse response I would normally have when a horse was looking for food," says Lovell. She watched over the horse for month, and it took even longer for her to be able to decelerate her hasty pace into the stable to re-examine the well-being of the breakable beast.

Press Exclusive was good enough in early spring to take an outdoor stroll. She had no more swelling in her eye, and the incisions and other traumas had healing so badly that the filly was initially able to move timidly and with increased strength on the leash. "As I began to see chips on her fur, I knew she could lay down at night," and that calmed Lovell that she was out of the forest.

When she was recovering, many supporters and interested people, horrified by the horse's state, opened their minds to the terrible destiny that can happen to a race horse, she says. Supporters as well as those who had been moved by the once great filly opened their heart and purses to support their convalescence.

One of her offspring's owners even bailed her out to make the first buy that saved her from the battle line, and a Purina manager spent half a year paying for food, Lovell says. "She says a great many men have come to help the press." Among them was Susan Wagner, Managing Director of the New York-based thoroughbred organization Equine Advocates, who presented the greatest present of all: the Shrine.

Completely rebuilt from her power, momentum and Alpha Maré character, Press Exclusive was moved to her permanently new home on September 10th, where she will not be asked to do anything other than enjoying the hustle and bustle of the paddock with other stallions. Marlene Murray of the Race Fund supported a horse show in which Wagner and Lovell decided that the best thing for the excellent R&R horse was to be without the opportunity to be breeded or sell.

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