Retired Race Horses for Sale Ontario

Racehorses retired for sale in Ontario

Horses & Ponies for Rehoming - Buy, sell, or adopt horses in Ontario. Mare Rescue Ottb for sale! Withdrawn sound from the Second Start Thoroughbreds, Fort Erie, Ontario. Continue to visit our website regularly for information about the horses in our program, news, fundraising activities and much more.

The Canadian Thoroughbred Horse Society Ontario Division.

Horses, ponies for sale or adoption in Ontario | retired

Receive a notification with the latest Ontario Pensioners notifications. I am a busily working college graduate and am looking for an older/ripened/horse during the breaks to give a little more affection. In search of a horses / ponies that I can simply come out and brushe, pets maybe do some basic work and.... Retired and had a year in the city with casual trips.

Pendant perfectly, no vises, standing for ..... Riding on a privately owned farmyard, far away from the town. Ideal for pensioners.... I am looking for someone who just wants to paint a pony and run around on his back to go on a recreational tour. A 2 1 year old retired filly is looking for some additional loved ones.

It' perfectly suited for.... Taken off the line in autumn 2016. Launched over small dives and fundamental side work, but had very uneven driving style, incl. winters aborted due to..... Half retired youngster, second class certified, was in third class training. Sounds, but can no longer go to intensive education.

He looks like a bigger pony, hack. Deep in the dead, loveth the human race.... Into a lovely, eternal home with a lot of affection and a retired friend to gamble with. Nice, simple to use, very popular, 15.2hh, 6 year old cove looking for its forever at home sounds, simple to use, makover capable, retired last October, had a lot of rehabilitation / down time willing to move... 2 seats available.

Pastoral table on a privately owned farm - perfect for retired / young horses or occasional owner / rider. I' m sellin' my goddamn steed Herzog. He used to be a rattling stallion and has been retired for about 3 years. Clay. Now retired, likes to be groomed and cared for, but hasn't been saddled....

It must be good for driving and good on paths and highways. I like something for easy Trailfahrten, gtc a few time per weeks. Training adventure and ..... He' been off the grid since I got him, he's been in a show.

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