Retired Racehorses for Adoption

Racehorses in retirement released for adoption

FOR RETIRED HORERS. Neue Berufe Rennpferde Adoptionsprogramm - Homepage Blitzing Deaer, known as "Blitzen", is a tall, sturdy 15-year-old gelding without recent injury. Adopted in autumn 2016, he is not the right person for his present home. They need a self-assured, experienced horseman in a rigorous programme of exercise to develop their full capabilities and reduce their uncertainties under saddle.

Whilst he is healthy to be ridden, he would also be a great grazing guide with his lovely spirit.


Each year, we get out of the practice with tens of thousand of racepforses, and what happens to them is especially important to us. Her athletics and spirit are well adapted to live on the course. Yet the motor sport arena is completely different from the leisure equestrian one.

A retired racehorse can give its new owner a lot of joy with plenty of timing, endurance, correct behaviour and practice. Off-the-road racehorses can be competitive from a competitive point of view in many different events among which hunting / jumping, versatility, riding, pleasure, trails and pole. While our programmes are aimed at combining the re-education of former racehorses with their involvement in horse-assisted therapeutic programmes, there is really nothing these stunning creatures cannot do.

Heading for Home is a 100% non-profit organisation with all revenues devoted to the benefit organisation and farming operations. Situated in the centre of Saratoga, the New York State gem, Heading for Home helps both the fellowship and the motor sport sector prepare off-road horse riders for a prolific second career.

Our vision of our home is clearly stated. At the same time we will breathe new air into retired racehorses and offer the fellowship a place of recovery and help people with special needs. Heading for Home is a partnership with various horse therapeutic program participating organizations to offer advice to individual persons and needy homes.

Home's Executive Committee and Executive Committee is comprised of leading executives and medical staff devoted to the promotion and treatment of horses.

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