Rhino Horse Rugs

hino Horse Rugs

Find Rhino horse blankets, turnout carpets and leaflets at great prices. Rhino SmartPak Collection Wug Turnout was developed exclusively for SmartPak by the experts at Horseware Ireland for most fashion. Rug/Hood, No. Rhino Horse Rugs are a product of the world famous Horseware. High-quality, waterproof and breathable, Rhino switches and stable blankets keep your horse warm and dry, fit well and stay in place.

hino Plus 0g, 200g and 400g crossover

Unparalleled blocking technique with a 1,000D PP shell that provides protection for the underlying watertight and air-permeable blocking film. Polypropeylene is a more powerful substitute for the widely used soft polyesters. With antistatic, antibacterial poly liner and thermo-bonded fiberfill. Surafit neck with V-front fastener for more mobility when grazing.

Legs bows, reflex stripes, liners, cruciform straps and shiny lined poly. Including removable cowl. Fitting your carpet is essential to keep your horse comfortable and to avoid friction and carpet-slip. Since the same size of horse is available in different forms and dimensions at the withers, it makes sense to take certain measures of your horse.

If you have the measure, take away 10cm (4inches) and select the horse height from the chart. Remember that every horse is different and that this chart is only a guideline. Acceleration Technique - Our Rhino Acceleration System offers 2 layer defense. If your horse tears the chewy outside, the watertight inside will still keep it hot and sober.

Breathability - Allows perspiration to evaporate and keeps your horse warm and cozy. Removable hoods - Allows you the versatility to take off the hoods. Leg-arches - Unique, patent-pending designs provide extra room to move while protecting the carpet under the anus. The Liner System - Removable liner in various sizes allows you to vary the carpet's thickness according to the prevailing weathers.

V Front Closure - Eliminates strain on the shoulders and provides more comfortable pasture. Water resistant - Keeps your horse outdoors. Water resistant to 3000mm.

hino SmartPak Collection Wug Turnout Blanket

Rhino SmartPak Collection Wug Turnouts were developed by Horseware Ireland specialists for SmartPak only. Rhino's unique barrier technology means that even if your horse is able to rip through the durable 1000 deniers of the case, the watertight cover is maintained.

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This is no replacement for talking about your pet's condition with a vet. Rhino SmartPak Collection Wug Turnouts were developed by Horseware Ireland specialists for SmartPak only.

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