Ride on Saddles

Riding on saddles

Yahk, Yahk, Colombie-Britannique. High quality used Western saddles at fair prices! The Continental saddle has an owner. Purchased directly from the company and in top form.


The Sensation Ride on Ride? tree free saddles are made in Canada. First and foremost, our fabrics are North American, and all our leathers come from Canada or the USA and are manufactured to offer you tens of kilometres of comfort. All of us ride, know what a good fit feels like and can appreciate the shades associated with subtle changes in proportion, angle and damping.

Of course better for your horses! The Sensation Ride are the only tree free saddles that use a multi-point shackle anchor. That means a better balance of your horse's weights, especially important if you ride long and tough. If your Sensation semi-trailer is placed in tough conditions or in the stamina suspension, you can expect an even better load balance than with a tree semi-trailer.

Removing the boom from the seat does not make it a tree less seat - well thought-out technology and a newly designed system of distributing the load makes it a real bearback seat and not just a stirrup mounted bareback pads. Use of the material in the seat allows your rider to move around easily, which promotes muscular growth and leads to a happy rider.

Sensation Ride is the only tree free semi-trailer in the wide range equipped with a multi-point sprayer. That means that your riding load is spread over the biggest possible area of the horse's back without the use of toughmaterial. Every Sensation Ride on Ride? tree free saddles is individually manufactured according to your wishes.

What makes you think you can only ride in dark and dark saddles? And who says you have to ride in English or Westerns? Select the parts you like best and match them to your ideal fit. The Sensation Saddles offer a multitude of different styles in leathers, fit dimensions, flaps, cantle and knob shapes, rig settings and more.

Our goal is to make sure you have the best bike for your needs, and almost anything is possible. Get connected to your equestrian! Sensation's tree free saddles Ride are ergonomic in design to give the driver a smooth (yet adjustable) fit with medicinal foam, high quality felt, wools and leathers.

Sensation saddles adapt to you and your horses. There are no hardened parts in our saddles! It adapts to you like a delicate cowhide boot. So you can sense your horses and be more in the mood as a horseman. Get help from a sensation Ride? specialists!

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