Ride Safe hat

Safe Ride Hat

A helmet guard around the crown of the hat. That is why Resistol is the only brand that can do it. The Resistol Ride Safe Straw Cowboy Hat Helmet offers you both great western fashion and protection while riding! This Ridesafe hat can be shaped just like your favorite cowboy hat, with the added bonus of industry-leading protection technology. Real Resistol fur cowboy hat with ASTM SEI protection elements.

Ridesafe Resistol Cowboy Hat

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Applicable to all boot orders over $75 in the neighboring USA. Choose USPS / DHL Ground at the cash desk.

RideSafe Resistol Helmet Cowboy Hat

The Ridesafe headwear allows drivers of all skill echelons to remain safe and secure while wearing their bold, classic Cowboys. Please carefully follow the installation and maintenance advice before using this headband. These headdresses are for horse riding only. This headwear is engineered to comply with ASTM security requirements.

There is no headband that can prevent the user from all kinds of shocks. To provide the best possible level of cover, this hat must be correctly worn and safely placed on the wearer's face in accordance with the installation manual. Manufactured from expandable polystyrol, this headwear is engineered to cushion the knock of an accident by partially destroying the shell and lining.

A heavy shock should destroy the bracelet. Do not paint or decal this hat unless it has been authorized by the manufacturer as it may damage the shell texture. Wearing this hat can be damaging due to exposure to usual materials (e.g. certain thinners, detergents, water, etc.).

These damages may or may not be noticeable to the wearer when washing the ear strap, use only soft detergent and tap Water.

Ride Resistol Safe Straw Cowboy Hat Helmet

The Resistol Ride Safe Stew Hat Helm offers you both great westerly fashions and shelter while you ride! Manufactured with an genuine Resistol Strawhat, this distinctive hat looks and feel like a classical Cowboyhat, but keeps the rider's security as a top of the line with the shelter of a ridingmat.

Customize your felt-hat hat just like your favourite one. With this Resistol Helm you drive safely and reliably!

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