Ride Safe Helmet

Safe Ride Helmet

The Resistol Ride Safe Felt Cowboy Hat helmet can offer you both great western fashion and protection while riding. Ride Ride Safe Felt Cowboy Hat Helmet The Resistol Ride Safe Felt Furthy Helmet can offer you both great westerly fashions and shelter whilst you ride. Looks and feel like your classical oxboy cap, but with the protective features of a helmet, the top of the list. Customize your felt-hat helmet just like your favourite one.

With this Resistol helmet you drive safely and reliably!

RideSafe Resistol Western Straw Cowboy Hat Helmet

The Resistol RideSafe Western Straw Helmet is the only strawhat on the planet that has the shape, feeling and look of an ASTM/SEI-certified dairy cowboy cap. Not only a helmet with the edge of a Cowboy Hat, but an genuine Resistol Strohhut with all the protection advantages and security features of a helmet.

In the shape of your favourite chestnut cap, this hybrids provides a varied and adaptable look that is ideal for all riders, from beginners to experienced riders. It has an adjusting face for a snug watchmaker' s comfort, while the expanding polystyrol absorbs shocks and bumps in the event of a plung. "Please carefully follow the installation and maintenance advice before using this headband.

These headdresses are for horse riding only. Always ensure a good snug-fitting and secure the chin strap for optimum wear. The headband complies with ASTM security requirements. There is no headband that can prevent the user from all kinds of impact. To maximize your exposure, this hat must be correctly worn and safely placed on the wearer's face according to the installation guide.

Constructed from expandable polystyrol, this headwear is engineered to cushion the knock of an accident by partially destroying the shell and lining. A heavy hit should destroy the bracelet. Do not paint or apply stickers to this hat unless it has been authorized by the producer as it may damage the shell texture.

Wearing this hat can be damaging due to exposure to usual materials (e.g. certain thinners, detergents, lotions, etc.). Use only soft detergent and clean the headband with water."

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