The RideBits Go is the next generation app for RideBits operators/drivers to manage their journeys. You can read reviews, compare customer reviews, see screenshots and learn more about RideBits Go. Receive information, directions, products, services, phone numbers and reviews about Ridebits in Dover, DE. For general information, please contact ridebits.com.

Here you will find directions, reviews and information about Ridebits Limo Software in Wilmington, DE.

Ride Bits (

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The RideBits Go is the next breed application for RideBits operators/drivers to control their journeys. The site is traced to notify the carrier of the travel status. CAUTION: Continuing to use GPS in the back can drastically reduce your batteries' time. All you need to run your auto repair or your own vehicle repair shop.

Do what you want to do, but after the last iPhone 7 patch on 21.01.17 it will crash all the while. Works with iPhone, iPad and iPod dock. Site This application can use your site even if it is not open, which can shorten your batteries runtime.

Best Ten Limousine Software Review

The Hudson Group limo and Partybus is one of the most versatile and useful limousines and Partybus solutions we have found. Maybe the best part of their use is their'Hudson Ground Transportation System Web Reservations Manager'. As soon as you have registered with Hudson, just place a "Reserve Now" shortcut or icon on your website and when your client presses it, an individual booking window will appear.

Here the client can quickly and simply review rates, car availabilities and even reservations around the clock from anywhere in the while! When you don't want to use the full Hudson suite, you can only use the Reservations Wizard on your current website and not any more.

Several of the other functions of this program are real-time reservation and pricing on cell phone, tablet or even on your ancient workstation. And Hudson can support several vehicle models, several methods of payments and immediate e-mail confirmation, receipt, tickets as well as on-board ID. The Hudson also allows you to activate or disguise the kinds of reservation you are willing to agree to, be it coach, automobile, plane, cruiser orrain.

Have we mentioned that Hudson is absolutely portable? Each version of their application is specifically engineered for Internet-enabled cell-phone and tablet devices. Monitors and reservations processes are adapted to these smaller monitor dimensions. Huderson knows that no two limousine firms work the same way.

Therefore, any limousine softwares you select must be adaptable and modifiable to suit different requirements. Hudson will be a little different here. The design of their website allows the client to administer and set up the website according to his wishes. Your Hudson system's first components are the Agent Application.

Your employees use this softwares to enter new orders and to edit or reverse already posted bookings. Profile allows you to keep an eye on customer preference, rebates, payment methods, contacts and much more. With the Hudson Dispatch Application you can allocate any of your bookings to a driver, vehicle, communications device, etc.

You can also combine bookings in this app to make travel, group bookings coming from the same area at the same times and travel to the same destination. Within this app, too, messages can be sent to and feedback from the driver and the customer can be monitor.

Other useful functions of this program are the display and printing of cards showing the collection and return points. The Hudson also serves as its own comfortable bookkeeping system. These are a great property for someone who wants to keep up with the numbers and know the actual state of their bus.

Hudson will support third-party vendor integrations for property developers who have their own bookkeeping tools. Riders can send bookings to their mobiles and answer with the following answers: Receiving, In Route, Client on Board, On Hold and much more. Hudson allows your driver to list electronic articles such as toll fees, waits, extra services, gas, gratuities, etc.

If all your riders were carrying handheld scanners to take the tickets personally from the customers, how much would you be saving them? This is possible with both cable d and cordless reader. Also Hudson does SEO, web design, advertisement, content and even reputational work.

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