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and saddlery salesman of Kingsland QHP Kask SSG. Kyalami, South Africa. For many years Riders Saddlery has been at the heart of the South African horse community. The handmade running saddles offer the highest level of quality and workmanship. The saddler John Gray creates unique therapeutic saddles to get disabled riders back on their horses.

Horse Equipment & Clothing - Ronkonkoma, NY

Rider's Choice Saddlery is an equestrian shop in Ronkonkoma, New York, which offers a full range of equestrian gear, clothing and wares. We have everything you need for recreational or power cruises in our warehouse with several hundred top brand names. We have a strong relationship with our clients, which is reflected in our reasonable pricing and levels of client service.

During the 11 years of our existence, our women's company has achieved five out of five star ratings in terms of client satifaction. In order to further increase your level of contentment, we will soon be launching a Frequent Buyers' Club.

User -defined saddles help handicapped riders to get back on the bike.

The saddler John Gray has created one-of-a-kind therapeutical calipers to get handicapped riders back on their heels. It is no mystery that equitation is therapeutical. Horse back-riding has a wealth of advantages for the rider, among them enhanced power and co-ordination, more equilibrium and even more self-confidence. However, it can be a real challange for handicapped riders to just get on the horse.

Horseshoe Bend Master Sattler John Gray, Arkansas is helping to get handicapped riders back in the saddle. Horseshoe Bend, Arkansas. He learnt the skill of making calipers from his dad, but when it came to making therapeutical calipers, it was a question of trying and making mistakes. Grau began by adjusting our range of quality calipers, with the addition of items such as safety harnesses to make them available to the handicapped.

Gray then found a nut maker who was ready to adapt the harness to the needs of any horseman. Every Gray makes contains unique features required by a single tab. Most of the calipers have backrests and seatbelts. Grau has made calipers with shell seating and even top and breast mounts.

Gray's calipers help handicapped riders to ascend again. By being physically handicapped, a horseman loses a large part of his life. Grey gives these drivers back their passions. Several of the riders who bought Gray calipers went into competition, riding in marches and even running.

When there are few therapeutical riders, Gray meets a need that makes the differences in the whole wide range of riders. Please have a look at the website of Gray's Customizing Saddlery. How do you feel about these seats?

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