Riding Boots for Horseback Riding

Horse boots for riding

Riding boots are more than just the shoes you wear in the barn. Discover with us the history and the rules of the riding boot. Discover with us the history and the rules of the riding boot. You need boots with smooth soles and high heels. A must-have for any equestrian-inspired wardrobe.

Significance of the right footwear and security stirrup for the protection of the horse's feet. - PublicMed

It was the objective of this trial to assess a paediatric patient's particular ankle injury resulting from equine sport and to emphasize the importance of using suitable riding boots to help keep their legs protected. Over a 12-year hiatus, 258 infants were hospitalized in Geneva for riding injury.

Among these kids there were 8 persistent feet lesions requiring inpatient admittance. There were four infants with compressive blockfracture of nut cracker in connection with other deformities of the metatarsus, two had Lisfranc-transformation, one child had a talar with internal malolar-transformation, and the last one had a 5 metatarsal bone fraction with lateralshift.

He was trapped in the stapes and the baby's feet were trapped between the pet and the floor. Severe damage to children's feet can happen during riding. It is therefore important for physicians, trainers and educators and educators to encourage the use of appropriate protective gear, such as reinforced riding boots and protective dumbbells.

Repair of riding boots | Anthony's shoe repair

Anthony's Shoe Repair has been offering top-notch riding boots servicing since 1989, both in San Diego District and national. Many years of experience with this kind of boots reparation gives us the competence and the know-how to provide you with the best possible services when it comes to your special needs with your riding boots.

As we know, the needs of an athlete in race plans and racing are often time-critical, and we do our best to take these into account when repairing your riding boots. Experienced workmen work in close cooperation with you to identify your individual needs for the best possible repairs and/or modifications.

Anthony's riding boots modifications include a wide range of features such as the addition of gusset and stretch to create the most convenient fitting for you and your riding needs. Repairing riding boots is a tricky task because we know and appreciate how much these boots mean to you. Whether it's a matter of simply overhauling and shining, zipping, changing cords, reattaching or something more specific such as trimming the uppers or attaching new insoles and heel, we've seen and done it all many different ways and are here to share our proven knowledge with you during the work.

Anthony's fixes, modifies and reinstalls zips in about 600 pairs of boots per year. Besides the conversion and repair of riding boots, we are proud to expand this service to tacks, calipers and mats.

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