Riding Draft Horses for Sale

Horse Riding Draft Horses for sale

Usually there are also buggy and riding horses. All Belgian horses of "farm van 't Bos" are for sale. Where can I buy a Belgian draught horse? The Doubletail Farm specialises in breeding and training a sporty Belgian horse that is ideal for riding and as an endurance trainer. We' ve been using him for rides lately;

we don't drive anymore.

The Ranch Horse Market (Draft Crosses ONLY) Public Group

iso.........15.1-15.2 hour gelding (only), strong, good bones, broken, brave - not creepy, outdoor riding experienced - nothing over 6, nothing with less than 2 fixed years riding. I' d like to swap one of two horses. I' m going to be dependent on the vocation I'm looking at. One Rides but is not finished, 15.3, Stute, Draft Cros, she is not a male, flash movers, much hair-Clydesdale/...Friesin, class, 5 years old, has 1 colt, 60 day training - has done really good work.

Riding in a normal westernsaddle - small (Frisian) front and broad (Clydesdale) back. A gelding, 15.3+ (still growing), turns side by side, on the bar and in every other way, gets his lead, back, back, ups - bows & bows gently, smooth in his teeth and from his legs - has the whole engine, courageous, confidential - relaxed.

I' d need something a little bit less time - if not ready - I would change the filly - if ready - the gelding. I am in NE Nebraska - ready to travel/meet for the right one. I am more interested in looking at horses that have been in possession for several years. I' m forced by my body to look for something a little bit too short or to stop riding.

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