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I' m riding a lot in a holster. Natural Horsemanship O-ring rope holder. Bottom loop side pull riding holder. Bitless noseband or bitless bridle for horses. Isn' riding with a halter not like riding without bridles?

Aeron Riding Holder | Natural Horsemanship

I' m riding a big holster. Ninety percent of the way when I am riding, I am riding in a holster. You' re luckier, and even quieter, than I was when I was riding her without a little riding (read more about biteless riding in my left and I urge you to study Dr. Cook and Dr. Strasser's Metal in the Mouth).

There were other kinds of cable holders and sidecuts. As an example, the ring is placed too high on the nose strap when pulled by a pulley, so that the halter rides the horse's face upwards when pulled by the rein, as shown in this figure: So I went to work to design something that would work better and developed what I now call an Aeron Riding Holder.

It' re built on the classic cable halter, but with some important improvements: Instead, I added two extra haematopoietic nodules further down on the nose strap and fastened two washers. Now it was possible to practice and go riding with the halter, with the comfort of being able to just snap on the rein and walk.

I then made a few reigns of beautiful yachting ropes that worked perfect with the halter. I' m calling them Aeron Perfect Clean. Well, this system is all I use for exercising and riding. It is the most comfortable way to drive, and I hope others will approve! Noseband costs $35.

$99 plus postage ( $9.95 for US postage). If you want to order a noseband, please write me an e-mail to aeronmack@yahoo.com. They can also buy the right rein for $39. 99 plus $9. 95 postage. When you buy a kit (both the halter and reins), you are saving $5. 00, plus $5. 00 for shipment!

Price of the kit (including shipping): $82.93. As a rule, all types of cable holders are not fragile and therefore certain precautionary measures must be taken. NEVER eject a pony in a corset. This halter can get stuck to something, or even more badly, the stallion can get his leg in and really injure himself or more bad.

For the same reason, never let a stallion go unsupervised in a corset. When your stallion is not 100% comfortable with being bound, simply put your line loose around the pole, or bind it to a bit of binding yarn that breaks in an emergencies. I also do exercises that wrap the cord around her limbs to help her give in to the pressures instead of panicking and fighting it.

One very good example is one of John Lyons' video in which he lets his stud Zip run over a foldable metallic horse on the side.... it is unbelievable to see the stud treading between the stall and emerging from the stall gently and cautiously.

There' s a brief guide on how to use a riding device on the right. This is a current image of my 21-year-old TB mare Lily in the noseband. Although she was a bit too big, you can see that she still doesn't horse on her face the way the side drags do, even when she gallops and jumps!

There are no more rough stains from the holster.

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