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52, 6 3/8, 00 1/2. MISTRALL 2 riding hat - MISTRALL 2 This discount system does not work for the article in green. Casco Mistrall 2 comes in a new look and provides first-class cooling with fan-like outtakes. A headgear with discreetly adjustable face for one-handed, steplessly adjustable height and height.

The belts allow you to make a default setting in a few seconds. FreshAir ventilators have an ingenious system of air circulation in the inner shell, whereby the number of air openings in the shell is of minor importance. Available as an extra look:

Modifiable Casco MyStyle strips (article 2100625).

There are 10 tough facts about riding caps.

In celebration of the fifth anniversary of the International Helmets Awareness Day on 12 July, the fighter Lyndsey White gave 10 hints that the drivers should recall when it comes to purchasing and maintaining their riding hat: When you suffer a severe shock while using your hearing aid, immediately change it to a new one.

Damages to the hardhat can occur which are not obvious to the unaided eyes. In general, the manufacturer of wearing hats recommends to replace the hat every 4-5 years. Helms take over the years a pounding of perspiration, warmth, dust und rains, and the polystyrene insert in the helmet, gives its capability to defend the wearer's mind over the years.

Horsetail or other type of hairdo can interfere with the shape of your head. If you try on your headgear before you buy it, you should try on your headgear in the way you want it to be when you ride it. Buy a hat only if it is brandnew and not used. Buying a used hearing aid can be very dangerous and is NOT advisable.

You may have suffered some earlier damages that you cannot see. Horseback riding is regarded as more hazardous than ski and motorcycle riding. It can be disastrous to come down from a stabledown. The best thing is to put it in your own hat, regardless of whether you own a stallion or not.

As well as carrying a well-fitting crutch, the seat belt must be tight enough to prevent the crutch from turning. The International Helmets Awareness Day (IHAD) offers riders the opportunity to buy a new one at a lower cost.

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