Riding hat Padding

Padding for riding cap

Mounting of a riding cap - rail right Being part of the daily work of the store, I adapt many riding caps and would like to help clarify some of the most important issues I am often asked. Why is someone a qualified hatter? Do I really need to install a new riding hat?

SNELL, BSEN, PAS - what does it all mean? What is the best way to adjust a hat? I' m not sure if my riding hat matches, can it be repaired? But before we begin, a little about my experiences with suitable caps..... I have been assembling herds in the store almost every day since then, which has given me a great deal of expertise.

Why is someone a qualified hatter? I was educated by Charles Owen. Everyone who is a skilled hatter will have been educated by one of the great producers - be it Charles Owen, Champion, Protector or one of the other great makes.

It' a very practical way of approaching your workout and most of the studying is achieved by adapting your hat to the other person being coached. Basically, it is more of a base on which many caps just sit! Do I really need to install a new riding hat?

Now, in most cases it is wise to adjust the hat correctly, as the person would misinterpret what a hat that fits is like. It is the purpose of these caps to keep the mind protected when an incident happens and an ill-fitting hat is just not so secure.

Grown-ups with a lot of riding experiences should be able to recognize when a riding hat will fit, although it is certainly not a standard and it is never against it. I' d always recommend that you have kids fit right, as they are often too much guilt to wear their caps loosely if their mothers let them get away with it.

BSEN, PAS, ASTM and SNELL - what does all this mean? These are all security norms for riding cages. In essence, the different norms mean that the hat has successfully undergone certain crash testing that is considered necessary to help in the event of an injury to a cow.

That is a decisive difference, because it is the reason why a bicycle or motorcycle crash is not so useful - they usually don't have half a metric tons of horses kicking them in the brain with metallic sneakers. In order to achieve these stan-dards, shelters must pass all types of testing, including: side stiffness (bruising), penetrating, and strength.

But not all security codes are the same. BSEN 1384 (or EN 1384) is the basic requirement and the smallest one. FAST > PAS > ASTM > BEN. By the way: Kitemark is NOT a security level. What is the best way to adjust a hat?

Like I said, in most cases it is best to have it customized by someone who has been educated. Here it is probably best if we refer to the 3 major rulers of the hats: 56cm, 6 7/8 and 1 1/2 are all the same measurements. As soon as we have our measurements, we have an impression of the sizes we want to try out, now it's again to try out a few of them.

There are different types and types of caps. Most Charles Owen caps, for example, are ovals and most champions are round. I' m not sure if my riding hat will fit, can it be repaired? So, you have purchased a hat and after having read it you are not sure if it sits correctly.

Horse riding caps are known to increase in size as the padding deposits inside them and wears off over time - so we have to adapt them when new. If we are educated to be able to fit caps, we are also educated to adapt the fitting with our own role of padding. With this padding we can also adapt the fitting of a hat that has become too large.

Some makes and models have a hat with a detachable lining - in this case you can just buy a new lining. When you are not sure, it is best to have your hat inspected by a qualified hatter. There' s much more information about riding caps, such as the BETA (British Equestrian Trade Association) Guides to riding hass, which you can find here.

Also, please be aware that certain organizations demand certain conventions, such as the Pony Club and Riding Club. The BSEN 1384 must also have at least one Kitemark with these organizations - PAS and SNELL are both in order.

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