Riding hat Silks

Silk riding cap

Mieux hat silk categories: Create your own riding cap in silk or helmet cover. You can use our design laboratory to create your dream hat silk to match your cross-country shirt. Create your look with silk riding cap Riding can be hazardous, especially if the horseman does not wear appropriate riding equipment. Cowshells are not very complimentary, but they are of inestimable value for people. Others are made of Lycra and spandex.

Hutseiden are sometimes also referred to as jockeysilks. They are very much appreciated because they are very multi-purpose and can be combined with any riding clothes in any setting.

Placed once on the riding hat, the satin looks like a classic stylish velvety hat. It is important to know the material from which a riding hat is made and the security characteristics.

Mieux hat silk

Le Mieux Hat Silks are the perfect finish for every look, as they go with the sash. Four different color options are available to suit the new My Le Mieux Base plies and your favorite pad. Manufactured from 4-way silk soft elastic material that fits most sizes of helmets for a safe and wrinkle-free grip.

The silk is refined with a luxury, detachable synthetic pom pom pom.

Silk & Hat Covers - Riding Caps

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