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Favourable Women Riding Hats, Helmet & Body Protectors Protect yourself while riding with our protection garments here at Ride-away. Horseback riding in elegance with our lovely choice of riding hats or select one of our headgear caps according to your selected school. Every horseman knows that good security gear is indispensable to be secure on the road, so Ride-away has put together a fabulous line of sturdy, hard-wearing and hard-wearing riding caps and bodies, as well as a wide variety of bodysuit protection and accessoires to suit your needs.

Combine your new riding cap or bodysuit with some of the other great items in our line, such as long riding shoes, breeches and riding coats for a stunning new riding look. Have a look at the Hutseiden line, which is adapted to your look and helps you to keep your new riding cap in good state.

Top labels like Charles Owen, Airowear, Point Two and Gate House, all available here at Ride-away Equestrian.

Riding Hats & Helmets from Ride-away

Keep safe during your trips with our aerated riding caps here at Ride-Away. The PAS015:2011 approved, ventilated riding caps ensure that your new riding cap meets the new security requirements. Ventilated hats provide as much cover as a cranium or velvety cap, but ventilated hats allow for a lighter flow of air to keep the wearer's heads chill.

Most ventilated riding hats are equipped with detachable, quick-drying liner for simple wash and clean. In addition to a large selection of ventilated riding caps, Ride-Away also offers head and velvety riding caps, and with a multitude of well-known makes such as Charles Owen, Gatehouse and Champion you are sure to find your ideal riding helmet.

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Sights on riding hats keep your sight out of the weather and provide a classical riding look.

Keep your next trip with a certificated, registered riding hat secure and relax and enjoy it.

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