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Low Profile Western riding helmet from Troxel. IRH has been developing helmets since the early 1950s and offers its drivers maximum safety. Dublin's new helmet collection embodies functionality, aesthetics and comfort. Scooter Derby Youth Bomber Helmet. With the uvex exxential riding helmet in inmould construction, it combines maximum protection with low weight.

Aeration of riding helmets: What is the relationship between lab and outdoor measurement? Extreme Physiology & Medicine

Helmet materials have attracted little interest in literature[1] in terms of thermic comforts. Helmet aeration has become an important topic, whether for motorcyclists or cyclists[2, 3]. The relationship between warmth dissipation and the sensed effect varies from helmet to helmet. Fouganza, Decathlon's equine trademark, has made the aeration of riding helmets a top of its list of priorities. First lab and then panel tests were carried out to assess the effectiveness of lab tests and a number of helmets on a 1 to 5 ratio.

Heat and evaporation stability was determined on seven helmets with a dummy in a climate room below 20°C, 40 percent R. H. and two windspeeds (1.3 and 15.0 km.h-1). In this way, four indictors (Rclow velocity, Rchigh velocity, Relow velocity, Rhigh velocity) were obtained. To better understanding the helmet's behavior in trials in the fields, a special 15 rider survey (from Gallop 3 to Gallop 7) was prepared to capture the individual answers of four helmets on a 9-point dial (from unventilated to very ventilated) after an intensive 45-minute practice at the Roubaix Riding Centre.

Of the four indications, it was found that the clow velocity is significantly related to the venting of riding helmets. While the general classification has not changed with the selection of the other factors Rehigh and Relow and Rchigh speeds, they are not more indicative of actual use. So we obtained the coefficient of equality aeration = ? the clow velocity + ?, so we ranks our palette of helmets.

This test will also result in a significant improvements in the design of helmets in terms of aeration.

Horse riding hat - suede leather - matt finish grey

Thanks to its unique Polycarbonat fabric, the riding hat is extremely lightweight and unbreakable. With its in-mold design, the UVExential riding aid offers maximum safety and low overall vehicle mass. Sportive all-round riding hat for recreation and tournaments with a very good price-performance-relationship. In order for a hardhat to sit snugly, it must be both width and heigh.

It can be fitted to your face with millimetre accuracy in no time. With its multi-step, anatomical shape, the zipper is easily adjustable with one handed. And the chinstrap is always perfect. Your hardhat always remains securely on your face and the belt is always in the best possible place.

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