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Helmets Canada

Helms - Shop by category. In the barn there are stable supplies as well as western and english riding equipment for riders. All major brands are in stock and we ship all over Canada!


Riding helmets made in Europe! The Euro LAS Jumper helmet is made of monochrome velour with perforated nylon fabric and detachable...'],["D411", "d411", "LAS ASTM " Helm. The helmet is made of LAS Jumper with detachable nylon fabric and is made of white velour with white nylon inlay... '],["D411", "d411". html ", "LAS Équestrian Top Hats",'','''],["D412", "d412.html", "LAS Équestrian ASTM helmets",' ','''],["D414", "d414". html ", "LAS equestrian Sunglasses",'',''],["D415", "d415.html", "LAS equalian Children's Helmets AS",'',' Favourable prizes and wide selection.

Of course, our helmets comply with all strict SEI and ASTM norms, which is why we are the United States Pony Club's main sponsors. As well as the helmets, we also offer unbreakable, high-density synthetic glasses with replaceable lenses.


First-time wholesaler of riding gear and clothing. Plus, the gear & stall stores you need to keep your stall working well! Equipments & clothing for the westerner and horseman. Shampoos to sweet treats - everything you need to keep your horses health and happiness and make your turn look like new!

The value of a good riding boot, the heat of a wintry coat or rug and the life-saving benefits of a correctly seated cap. We' re committed to providing Canadians with a variety of industrious and fun ways to make their equitation more comfortable and effective - and maybe a little more style!

And we pride ourselves on representing some of the most trustworthy and coveted equitation brand names from around the globe; representing genuine value and dignity. Our aim is to supply equine breeders of all ranks and discipline with the tools they need to keep their equine breed in good shape and sane.

Stall and Tack Store Services Department.

This barn has stables equipment and riding gear for horsemen all over Canada. If you work, train, fight or just have a good time, we have the bit, rein, reins as well as the padding you need. Five Sterne, Alamo, Cactus, California Equine, Circle Y, Classic Equine Belts, Connie Combs, Cowperson Tock, Denis Moreland, Diamond Wool, Ger-Ryan, Greg Darnall, Mayatex, Metalab, Myler, Partrade, Professional's Choose, Reinsman, Schutz Brothers, Toklat, Tom Balding, True North, Weaver Leather und Western Rawhide.

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