Riding Horses in the Mountains

Horseback riding in the mountains

Horseback riding in the Top North Carolina Mountains: Riding in the Great Smoky Mountains is like travelling back in time before modern traffic penetrated the mountains. Riding tours in the Poconos, PA: Riding stables at Mountain Creek

The Mountain Creek Riding Stable is a company that offers riding excursions in the Poconos. There are also other riding schools available - suitable for all age groups and experiences. Our horse-drawn carriage trips are a good choice for those who want to come to our riding stable and be around the horses but don't want to go on riding.

Driving in a carriage, drawn by a beautiful couple of horses, is a relaxed way to relax and unwind while enjoying our trip along a picturesque forest path. Come and see us for group excursions, horse riding excursions or our family-friendly carriage-drives. Your contact for horse riding in Pennsylvania.

Horse Riding Atheville NC

This is a remote Ranch just off Asheville, NC, which has been owned by the NPH families for four years. Madison County's quaint hiking paths lead through the highlands, quaint alpine pastures and forests. Riding our horses is ideal for riders of all age groups and equestrian aptitudes.

Our stables have horses to suit the height and riding abilities of each of our guests. Every excursion is guided by our professional and knowledgeable tour leaders. Handicapped, pregnant, elderly or non-horse drivers can drive in the ATV "Polaris Ranger", which offers space for 4-6 persons and also enjoys the landscape.

Horse riding in Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Riding in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a great way to explore the picturesque paths. 4 riding schools are available from mid-March to the end of November to organize a riding tour with a guide: you can own your own riding tour, but be sure to check the Great Smoky Mountain National Park hiking maps, as horses are only permitted on dedicated itineraries.

Riding in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park can take between 45 min and several hrs according to the route. Riding in Pigeon Forge is also possible at the Big Rock Dude Ranch in Ponderosa all year round.

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