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Visiting Lee's Riding Stable, Inc. in Litchfield, Connecticut can make your dream come true! opening times THERE IS NO COVENANT CONSENT. Monday 9.00 - 17.

00 Tuesday 13.00 - 17.00 Wednesday 9.00 - 17.00 Thursday 13.00 - 17.00 Friday 9.00 - 17.00 The Fort Rucker riding stable is situated on the Hatch Road just outside the Silver Wings golf course, encircled by over 10,000 hectares of forest.

There are four common meadows, Haystable, 40 stables with saddle rooms and pads and 24 stables for transients and competition ponies. Fort Rucker riding stable has two adjustable training circuits and two crushing stables. An illuminated west stadium and an illuminated show jumping stadium, a roofed farrier's shed and hot tubs are also at the guests' disposal.

Fort Rucker Reitstall has 20 rural camp sites with electricity and plumbing. Fort Rucker Reitstall is situated on Hatch Road just off the Silver Wings golf course, set on over 10,000 hectares of beautiful forest paths. When you have a stable that needs food, please ask the stable.

For camping reservations, please call the stable at +1 (334)255-0021. No new guests or extra riding animals are given a stand until the riding animal is present at the Fort Rucker stable. The 24 temporary stables available on site are occupied by temporary stables.

It is not compulsory for temporary installations to be occupied for more than 45 working nights. Arriving boarding students must submit a bad copy of the test within the last 30 nights and evidence of vaccination by an approved vet as specified below: Residential riding animals can be bred two nights a day a week on our 2 hectare mares' meadow or 4 hectare willow.

You can specify other dates as required. There are four willows. The top meadows are separate from the mares and geldings and are only used two times a day a week. The lower meadows are separate from the mares and geldings, but can be used 7 day aweek on the owner's own danger.

80/80 12' x 12' stands with paddock and 6' x 12' saddle rooms in double stables for guests. Constructed for 12' x 12' stables for sedentary animals. 24 x 24 stables for bigger transients. There are 2 illuminated pitches for practice and competition. Sheltered blacksmith's shed. Two roofed washing shelves with warm running waters.

Fifty mile bridle paths that are signposted and color-coded. An illuminated show/jumping stadium measuring 48,000 m² is fitted with a public address system and offers space for 120 viewers in roofed grandstands and another 60 persons in open grandstands. It has a closed, air-conditioned speaker's cabin. Illuminated extra area.

Illuminated indoor stadium for wet or hottest weather. The security is refundable on your return, provided that the agency is informed in written form 30 nights before your return, the stands are checked and cleared in good state. You can call the stable at +1 (334)255-0021 for pricing. THERE IS NO COVENANT CONSENT.


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