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Riding clothes for men now online kaufen Our expert customersupport staff are there for you! Please do not hesistate to get in touch with us regarding your order, a specific item or a riding issue. Orders are dispatched within 24hrs from our state-of-the-art Connecticut Logistic Centre. FedEx is used for all orders, which ensures fast and dependable deliveries.

We love our wares. Simply have a look at one of our more than 4000 client ratings. If we receive your comments on our product, we will work to fulfill your needs.

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Made to order 2 couples, they came very quickly, but they were a little too big (my fault) and without any trouble I got replacements and a reimbursement in just a few workingdays. The iods are great for bigger women, great fitting, very comfortable and long enough!

A Rambo "Summer Series" carpet I ordered from Riding Wear Online. Carpet came with a very different attachment than the one in the picture - metallic attachments don't work well because they're too weighty and drag the carpet down the front - maybe an old one was sent to me?

Magnificent goods, great brands (they make horesware), especially for the restricted selection in the stores on the Channel Islands. Shipping is not inexpensive, but the merchandise arrives really quickly and the value added tax has been omitted for us Channel Islanders.

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36cm/14.17" - Heel height: 3cm/1.18" - Shaft height: 37cm/14.6" Would you like to conserve RM25?

C. O. D. is possible for select postcodes in Malaysia. You can find out HERE whether C. O.D. is possible for your site.

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