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Would you please review Robinson's Equestrian?. PURCHASERS, WATCH THAT THIS IS A DUBIOUS COMPANY! Buying two Ariat breeches, they had to give back one of them, because they were much bigger, even though they were the same heigth. And I kept the evidence of the shipping and trace. The Robinsons still refuse to make the payment by saying that they have not recieved the goods.

So as a client I can't do more than keep the item record and the shipping receipt to get a reimbursement, but that makes no distinction for a dubious business like this, you won't get a reimbursement, go elsewhere to a more serious business. My memory is that I was 12 years old and became dizzy, that we spent an hours in the van to drive to Robinsons.

ROBINSONS! And the fact that Sport Direct has taken it over is so unfortunate that I really don't like them. I' ve been a client for three years. When Robinson had good stock of daily things that horses needed, and when her employees were courteous, competent and supportive, I recall "the good old days".

I' ve been buying with Robinsons on a regular basis for many years. Great Craft! In fact, they do not reimburse the monies they have stolen or comply with consumers' laws. Shipping and return charges too high - do not use! Well, I ordered a pair of shoes from this and another firm. And the other firm - County Clothing - was offering free shipping and return the next morning.

Much more I had to foot the bill for the expressway through Robinson's Equestrian and almost 13 to give the boot back. It' totally impertinent for an on-line business and I will never use it again. Totally horrible client support. Ever since it was acquired by Sports Direct, this has been a shock. I' ve been shopping at Robinsons for years, but lately the wait-and-see attitude has been shocked.

Then I was asked to send it back at my own cost and the right article was sent again (I was informed that the shipping costs would be refunded). I am not yet able to get the full reimbursement for the article and my shipping could not be paid back using my initial shipping and handling so I had to delay 10 working days for a check to be made out - very uncomfortable as I do not reside near my local banking facility.

Clearly client support doesn't put the client first.....I'll never order from him again. Robinson's. What the hell did you do? Ever since the takeover by Sports Direct, the level of support has been terrible! Now I have to give back a carpet and not only that they are refusing to give me back the shipping, I also have to again foot the shipping for the carpet just because their divisions obviously do not speak to each other!

I' m still struggling with after sales, but I won't be able to order back from him. Luckily, you can buy from this site without any problems, but it seems that our support has been suffering since it was taken over by Sports Direct - you can see the differences in ratings from a few years ago in comparison to the last ones.

I' ve sometimes been able to get a decent level of support by purchasing small garments, etc., but when I purchased a couple of costly ridin' shoes that didn't suit the only way they could be returned, the Royal Mail was at a price of 14 pounds, which didn't exactly get me going back to their website.

You seem to have some very affordable items, but sometimes it's rewarding to pay a little more for better services elsewhere. Wherever possible, I try to buy equestrian goods from other on-line dealers. This is a big wastage since Sports Direct took the lead. Walked through the ordering £6 payed. 99 for next days shipping.

The next morning, when the package didn't return (as expected), our support team declined to reimburse until they got the package back from Hermes! MILE ORDER+ RUBISH mileage = BAD COUSTOMER EXPERIENCE + TAB TD TED TEPUTATION You do the math. Terrible after sales support, bad delivery and no one answering the phone over the weekends meant that articles had to be bought elsewhere.

Payed for rush and then had to send everything back as it came 5 working days after I ordered it, which was too much later. Now, I asked for returned items before I ordered them, and they didn't tell me I had to foot the bill, so I was quite miserable when I wanted to give them back.

Your firm is really horrible because I said to them that I pulled up my pants and put them in the trunk, but they just said that they didn't talk to their people. Where does a client not talk when they want you to talk? Wait for your order from December 2016 - don't do deals with this enterprise!

At Christmas I ordered a care set for my daugther and got an estimated date of December 20 ie I thought 'perfect'. Sadly the shipment never arrived and I was notified that my order had been late. I was expecting my new agreed date of shipment at the beginning of January - better than nothing right?

Here, too, there was no supply and no need for it. Robinson's support team followed this up and I was reassured that my order would be with me until February as the product I had already ordered was no longer in store! However, they have been kind enough to inform me that my next anticipated shipment will now be May, yes, no.....

No excuse was given for the bad performance and delays in my order, which is totally inacceptable, non-professional and finally miserable from a vendor with such a prestigious standing. Anyone who is a keen equestrian would be strongly advised not to buy from this business. No good thing to say about them except that they're fast at taking your cash without giving anything back.

Buy with Robinson's Leeds Megastore (part of Sports Direct) at your own risk. Some of the articles I had brought through the till twice by poorly qualified personnel, and while the managers agree, they have to reimburse me, I have still not been reimbursed. Dumb, useless branch office administrator, unkempt, disorderly place, terrible all-round wait.

For my daugther I purchased a Robinsons scissors (sports direct) for Christmas in November, unfortunately they were inappropriate, so I never used the scissors & took them out of the pit together with the receipts back to Robinsons. A completely inefficient employee operated me who didn't know how to handle clients when I clarified the scissors where they weren't appropriate & I asked for a reimbursement, she said to me that I could only have a "credit note"!!!!

This scissors was £220 & I didn't want a £220 to be spent in the worse sport store in the UK "sports direct", she didn't know how to handle me, she kept coming back, so I went away. Never try to order anything from Robinsons Equestrian - what a complete senseless squandering of room.....

Therefore I order on Monday - for the supply 3-5 day later.... The order is not here after 5 workingdays so I am following - the answer "We tried to ship and you declined to accept the shipment - the order is now on its way back to the store - as soon as it is in the store we will return the amount to you", I answered with "I don't think so -".

once you could perhaps tell me when you tried to ship, I can make complete CCTV material from our patio available to show that no messenger was here to try to ship the package" answer - "Once the order is here, we will arrange a refund" My answer - I do not want a refund, I want my items here as ordered.

What I said - There are other possibilities - one of them is that you can go around and deliver my product in person? I' m totally smoking and repulsed with their services - never before have they approached me by my name - I am Dear Customer and at the end of every e-mail - if we can do anything else, do not hesistate to get in touch with us........

Just request your business now. Receive true information from customers and answer your feedback.

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