Rocky Mountain Horse

The Rocky Mountain Horse

That Rocky Mountain horse is a real beauty. Find out more about this fantastic horse breed! On this page you will not find any information why you should find Rocky Mountain horses for sale.


Rocky Mountain Horse is a horse race that has been designed in the state of Kentucky, USA. In spite of its name, it does not come from the Rocky Mountains, but from the Appalachians. One of the founding stallions, born in the west of the United States around 1890 in Kentucky, began at the end of the nineteenth cent. with the Rocky Mountain family.

By the middle of the 20th centuary a colt called Old Tobe, in the possession of an important grower, was used for the development of the more recent horse types; today most of the Rocky Mountain stallions go back to this sire. The Rocky Mountain Horse Association was founded in 1986 and by 2005 had over 12,000 horse registrations. It is known for its favourite "chocolate" fur colour and flax-like manes and tails, the results of a relatively uncommon silvery apple genus that affects a large part of the group.

There is also a four-bar movement known as "single-foot". Initially designed as a versatile horse for ride, ride and pull, today it is mainly used for horseback rides and working cows. Gang unter dem Sadtel. The colour of this horse is choclate, with a flat hair and cock. Their manes and tails are much brighter than their coats.

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