Rocky Mountain Pony

The Rocky Mountain Pony

Pony" reflects the age of the members and not the size of the mount. All you need to know about the breed The Rocky Mountain is the right choice for you if you want the ultimate amusement rider. The Kentucky-born Rocky Mountain horse "type" was seen as early as the nineteenth centuary, but in the mid twentieth centuary a stud by the name of Tobe consolidated the race to what it is today; most of today's Rocky Mountain horses can be attributed to Tobe's powerful heredity.

The Rocky Mountain Horse Association, a relatively young race, was only founded in 1986, but had over 12,000 recorded ponies by 2005. The Rocky Mountain Horse is known for its unique colour and four-bar walk, known as "single-foot", replacing the trots of most races. Individual feet are slippery and quicker than a pair of trots, so gangsters can walk the floor at up to 16 mph instead of 8 mph like trotters.

Although initially reared as a multi-purpose race of horses and used for equestrian, carriage and lighter traction work, they are now mainly used for horseback or leisure drives and working with cows. Her lovable personality and her sporty nature make this US race a coveted mate. Move the mouse over the picture to get more information about the race-properties.

The Rocky Mountain horses are monochrome, have middle size legs and legs and stand 14,2 - 16 high. A Rocky Mountain Horse's breast should be wide, with a distance between the front legs. The shoulders are slanting, with an optimal 45 degree angel, and a graceful curved neckline that is mid-long and slanting to allow for smooth transport with a pause in tuning.

Whilst any fixed colour is acceptable in the Rocky Mountain Horse Association's register, the favourite colour is a deep bay colour, known as "chocolate", with a flat hair and tails. "Bald-headed " ponies are not acceptable. The Rocky Mountain Horse should have strong eyeballs, well-formed arms and a flat tread that is neither arched nor prominent.

It should be moderate-sized with middle cheeks. The Rocky Mountain Horse is known as a humane, inquisitive, and very capable horse for all abilities. If they are scared, they are more likely to stop than lock and have a particular capacity to adjust to their rider's abilities.

The Rocky Mountain horse has the highest chance of developing genetically conditioned eye disorder with several eye abnormalities.

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