Rope Halter and Lead Sets

Cable holders and line sets

Wonderful pearl rope holder sets from Professional's Choice! We have HorseMaster Training Halter & Lead Set in stock. Lead halter sets, show halter, headstalls, rope halter, lines and much more.

Personal computer pearl rope halter & lead - horse halter

Wonderful pearl rope holder sets from Professional's Choose! A great looking halter made of high grade ripstop rope with a great one inche nosepiece. It is embroidered on the bottom side with cloth and on the top side with beads covering the dual halter strap. On each side of the strap there is a lump that puts downward thrust on the horse's face and promotes awareness and reaction.

Horsehalters decorated in Per Choose are available in four colours, each with its own pearl pattern. A 10 ft. guide rope is included with the beadded rope, making it a great value for money. Colourful, handy and very attractive, these Professional's Choose beaded ropemount and lead rope sets are also wonders!

Nylons Halter

Nylons are one of the most common items of daily use, with a durable structure and a wide range of styles that all drivers like. Mary's T-Shirt and Feed offers a wide range of the best quality Nylons available on the web today, all at our dependable low price and simple to browse and shop through.

You can be sure that top names like Roma, Big D, Kensington and Horze will only give you the best value when you buy from Mary's. Cushioned Horze holsters are a convenient option in Nylons, with a wide range of colors and designs that can be customized to your shed or other turning points.

Mary's also wears a removable headband. The Kensington Breackaway holder and lead break off the horse's top to provide additional security when screwing or trapping in the fields or stables to keep both the horses and the tradecar. Tekna's cushioned plastic holster is a good option for longevity and ease of maintenance with the look of leathers.

Whatever your halter needs, Mary's range of quality stockings is sure to have exactly what you're looking for at a cost you can't match.

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